The Quest of Aarien - Haldir of Lorien

Trinevieve led Terlince and Aarien down the many halls of the palace. They finally came across a large set of doors which led to the Dinning Hall. As they entered Aarien noticed that there was a very small amount of people in the room. As if reading her mind, Trinevieve spoke.

"As I stated before many of the elves from Imladris have now traveled to the Gray Havens. I'd like to introduce you to some, if not all of the few left."

They walked around the room getting introduced to different people. Aarien knew she would never remember them all. A few elves did stand out though. A couple sitting at a table were laughing when they came over. Aarien and the she-elf, who Trinevieve introduced as Titheniel, became fast friends, as did Terlince and the other elf, Amrodel.

Amrodel was a very handsome elf with long black-brown hair, much like Aarien's, and brown eyes. Aarien could tell that Titheniel liked him a lot. He seemed to like her as well. Aarien didn't blame him. Titheniel was very beautiful. She, like Trinevieve, had light brown, almost blonde, hair. Her eyes were green, a field of waving grass. She sat gracefully beside Amrodel, a bright smile played across her lips.

"Come. Let us walk through the gardens and leave these children to their games." She laughed. Aarien giggled as she watched Terlince and Amrodel play fighting over something. By this time Trinevieve had gone so they left to wonder through the gardens.


Titheniel and Aarien were best friends. They told each other everything. Titheniel taught Aarien how to ride a horse and use a sword. Over the months Aarien had found the courage to tell Titheniel her secret of where she was from. Titheniel had believed her right away, promising to keep her secret, and soon taught her how to be an elf. Aarien could now speak enough elvish to get her by if she had to and she could walk as gracefully as any elf there.

One day, as they were walking in the gardens, a strange horn sounded. Aarien looked around curiously. Titheniel's face lit up.

"Guests are arriving from Lorien!" she said happily. She quickly took Aarien's hand and started running. Aarien ran as fast as she could in the dress she wore.

As they reached the entrance they slowed their pace so that they would not look silly. Aarien looked out at the new arrivals. About 28 tall, graceful, blonde haired elves stood before them in 7 neat rows of 4. One elf stood out in front, leading his troop. He looked oddly familiar to Aarien. Then she realized who it was. The whole time she had been in Rivendell she hadn't met anyone truly from Lord of the Rings. She stared at the elf. She knew she was right about who he was when Amrodel went to greet him.

"Suilad,Haldir, mellyn nin!" He said happily to the elf. "It has been far to long."

"Aye, it truly has."

Amrodel and Haldir locked forearms in traditional elvish greetings, continuing to smile.


They laughed as old friends do as they told tales of war and peace. Finally, at dinner, Haldir's eyes strayed upon Aarien. He studied her over. She was quite beautiful as she laughed. She looked towards him and smiled, getting up from her seat she walked to where he was sitting.

"You are Haldir, are you not?" she asked him, smiling.

"Aye, and you are?" he asked, returning the smile.

"I, my good elf, am Aarien."

"Well, Lady Aarien, would you enjoy a walk in the garden? Then we can get better acquainted."

"Why," she replied, "I'd love to!"

*********************************************************************************************A/N: I am sooo sorry this took so long. Being the complete stupid idiot i am i jus! i promise to post more soon!

t figured out that u can copy and paiste! that is really cool to me cause i HATE typing

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