The People Of The Dragonfly - The Rohirrim

Morning. The light of the sun was streaking over the mountains ahead. This was the nearest shallow crossing of the river. They'd chosen to use it rather than continue on farther North to cross on the bridge the night befor, but Astrid was fealing as if they should go further on befor crossing anyway.

The boys began to ride across, but at a sign from Seredron, they whealed around again to see astrid still looking to the road. Her gaze faced South tward Minas Tirith.

"Astrid, there are already riders on the other side of the river." Gillian said, hoping to turn her eyes away from the raod and onto the way that they were to go. "Astrid, if we are to out run them, we'll have to get across now." he insissted on comanding her attention.

"We should continue North." she finally said, still keeping her eyes fixed on the little bit of the highest of the towers that was left to be seen of the Gondorian capital.

"What good is it to go farther out of our way when this is a good enough place?" Andon asked, slightly confused with the look in her eyes.

She set her sight on the North Road, and breathed in a sigh of relief as she cought sight of an old friend in the distance just out of the boy's eyeshot. "Beodred," she whispered. "You never leave a friend in need, do you?"

"What was that, you said?" Seredron asked leaning forward in his saddle.

"Friends are coming, we should wait here for them, or ride to meet them." she said louder for the others to hear. "the water is a bit shallower there anyway. I vote go to them, and you three?"

They nodded. The more shallow the water, the less risk in ruining their supplies. the four galloped off farther away from their goal, but closer to help that they would need in the times to come.


Eldarion awoke when the sunlight streaming in through the window hit his eyes. Turning over he placed a hand where Astrid should have been laying becide him. then he saw the note on the bed stand.

He looked it over, expecting it to say that she'd run off with his sister or to grab breakfast from the kittion for them both. It didn't. His face grew more and more worried as he read...

Dearist love,

I am safe with friends, but not near Minas Tirith at all, as you may have already found. Serching for me would be a mistake. If you do send scouts, they will not be able to return us untill we have done what must be done.

Remember your mother's words about Kelestan. They will be fufilled soon. Soon after, I will return to you, Eldarion. then we will live in peace, but not untill my blood stops the distruction that has driven so manny out of Illithin.

Astrid Haldiriana

He set down the paper and looked about the room, hoping for her to be there and that the note was just a silly thought to get him to stop playing so manny pranks on her when they're alone. She didn't.


"Beodred?" Andon raised a brow when the other riders stoped.

"Yes, stupid." Seredron said, annoied. "That letter she sent me out with was for him. This is obveously what she'd asked him in it."

"You mean you didn't read it?"

"Why sould I? It wasn't for me."

Astrid and the prince of Rohan both dismounted. He ran into her embrace with a smile on his lips and a look of worry in his eyes.

"Cousin, you have left later than expected to only be this far down the road." he said.

"Eldarion caused me to be a bit late." she said. "I couldn't leave untill I was shure that he was fully asleep."

"What is all of this, Astrid?" Gillian asked. "why is the prince of the Rohirrim and a hand full of solders of Rohan here in Gondor?"

"They will help create a distraction for me, and you will go back to Minas tirith to hold my husbasnd from sending out riders to find me. He never listens to my word when I'm not there to speek it to him directly rather than leave a note." she said.

"You're kidding me!" Andon said, eyes buldging with the shock.

"Astrid, you're a newly wedd princess for Ilu's sake, not a fifty six year old hobbit!" Gillian pointed out. "This isn't the war of nearly twenty years ago. What can only a handfull of Rohirrim and one girl do to stop an army that none can see?"

"I am not Rohirrim, but an elf borne of Valimar, boy." a man said from the group of solders. He rode around the mortals to the front of the line so that they could see him better. "Draugsul is my name, and the Valar have sent be here to give the gift of seeing the shaddow relm to these men as well as Astrid, however, only Seredron should return. I feal as though Andon and Gillian will be needed."

"How did you know our names?" Seredron voiced.

"The Valar have sent me with the knoledge of you and your planns. They also wish for Kelestan to be renewed."

"Who sent word so quickly, Draugsul? It was only we whom you see that knew in all of Middle Earth." Astrid commented.

"The Valar created Ea, and so they know all of it's happenings; should they overlook something, Ilu will remind them. this you should know from your father."

"Her father died befor she was borne, though." Beodred stated.

"Yet he lives on in his child."

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