The People of the Dragonfly - Part 14

Seredron panicked. Others were running about, doing their best to douse the flames while they were killed off by the unseen forces around them. All he did was run into the stables and hide in a corner of the loft.

He had found an old shortsword, but realized too late that it would do little good if he couldn'tsee the enimy in the first place. All he could hope for was that Astrid was correct and that there was help on the way.


"Elfwine," Eomer came to the throneroom where his oldest son had taken his place for the time being as ruler of Rohan. "We need to leave quickly. Have all thoes able to fight ready and escorting the others out of Edoras as soon as possible. Keep the soldgers on the outside of them."

"What is happening, my lord?" Fathold, the man highered to replace Grima, asked. "Why must we leave?" But he didn't have to ask any farther. Haldir and Rumil were following Eomer while giving orders to their own officers as to how and where to escort the people of Edoras to saftey.

"What do you need me to do, lord?" Fathold asked, more sober than curious at the sight of elven warriors.

"Do what you can to spread the alarm further out so that the other villages may know of the danger."

"You intend to go to Helm's Deep again?"

"Even though it was breeched once, it will not be breeched again."." Eomer said. "The dwarves that Gimli son of Gloin has brought to the Deep have repaired and strengthened it. I am sure that they will be more than willing to protect their new home just as we will our own/"

"They cannot see the enemy." Haldir said. "Only we can. And endless some miracle comes over the others and your people, you can forget trying to defend them. This is one battle that you will have to sit out of, son of Eomund. You will not fight, not if you want to live."


"Hellow?" Seredron heard a voice from below.

"No one's here, stupid." another said. "Evry one's still trying to put out the flames and not be killed."

"Who says that there aren't any people smart enough to hide?" said the first.

"Says me." answered the first.

"I'm here!" Seredron stuck his head out to look, but saw no one.

"In the loft!" a third voice shouted.

Three thuds followed as three body imprints were made in the hay, none showed signs of movement. He hoped that was a good sign, but wasn't quite sure.

"Seredron?" Rhiannon called out as she lowered her bow. "Was that you I heard?"

"Thank Ilu, yes!" he siad, jumping down to meet her. "How did you see them?"

She gave him a duh look and looked passed him out the other door. "We're getting there." she mumbled to herself.

"What do you mean?"

"See for yourself." she said.

He looked out the door only to see elves chacing after nothing, or so it seemed until "nothing" slited a man's throat from the next road down. It seemed as if his would be killers were the same thing that the elves were fighting off.

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