The People Of The Dragonfly - Flight From Illithin

"I'm just worried. No one's sent word in months." Gimli complained.

"Did you ever think that they have things to attend to as well?" Legolas asked, looking up from the papers on his table. "Why don't you send word to them for once?"

"I've been sending letters to them. Manny letters. They've got to be getting sick of them by now."

"Then give me some rest. I also have things that need to be finished. Taxes mainly."

The dwarf gave up and steped outside for a breth of the late evening air. Making his way to his quarters, a glimmer cought his eye in a nearby allyway, a glimmer that reminded him of the mithril coat that Bilbo had given to Frodo years befor.

Following impulse, the little man turned to follow the shimmer. When Gimli had came to the end of the allyway, all that was there was was a sword leaning on the road.

Now what is this? Gimli asked himself.
A banging came at the door to his privat study. Legolas looked up. "Yes?" he called.

The door opened. A solder from Mirkwood stood looking exausted in his doorway. "My lord, there have been attacks on the people here in Illithin. They say that there are solders about, but no eye has seen them even when manny a body has felt their blade."

"Where and when was the last attack?" he said, becoming more concerned.

"Not three houres ride out from the city walls. It was only a few seconds befor the people feld here. I was with them, and have seen the effects for myself. It looks as if they are moving this way on our heels. The few who have setled in this new city must leave now, for there is little hope of surviving an army that the eye cannot see to count."
"Gimli! Gimli!" Merry called out from the allyway enterence.

"What, yes?" the dwarf spun around.

"We must get out! People are getting kiled by people we can't see. We have to leave now!"

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