The Ning Nong Man - Prelude

"Sing a song, a song of the sea, birds eye fish fingers!" sang the Ning Nong Man as he walked in the clear sunshine and banged into a tree trunk. "I've been sleeping for a thousand years it seems got to open my eyes to everything," he sang to the tune of Bring me to Life.

He covered about a league that day, and he managed to avoid tree trunks but kept running into mousy Oliphants and cute, lovable hamsters (Poor hamsters, he wasn't a sight for sore eyes, he was the one that made them sore in the first place!) He got away from the people that tried to take him hostage by singing for them, they couldn't wait to let him go!

That night he camped by a tree and slept upside down. (I said he was queer!) That morning, he woke and began to weave his way in and out of the tree branches. (Don't ask me how he did that!)

Later that day he was wandering through the firlds of the Shire and ran into, (literally!) guess who? PIPPIN AND MERRY!

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