The Ning Nong Man - Part Two- Who are you?

I am actually twisting the plot of the first chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, (Oh No!) as I need it to suit the storyline. Tolkien, I will return your story unharmed!

Pippin was awestruck by this new, mysterious stranger and he liked it! "Who are you?" he asked the Ning Nong Man kindly.
"My name is the Ning Nong Man, the Ning Nong Man, the Ning Nong Man, my name is the Ning Nong Man and I live near Drury Lane!" he sang, skipping in a circle around the little hobbits. "Uh, sir, I've never heard of a place called Drury Lane," Pippin said, "Me either," Merry chimed in, a bit confused, just a teensy bit. In fact, the stranger reminded him of Pippin, just a little bit though.


Pippin and Merry each took one of his arms and began to lead him back to the Took Place. He kept singing the whole, way, and Merry began to think that singing was all he could do(Well, it was!). Pippin remained enthralled and kept asking questions, only to have them answered in song, and sometimes he couldn't find a response in song so he just stared, looking quite lost. Soon, after much agonising and trying to understand this mad weirdo, the hobbits reached the Place of Tooks.


Pippin's father, The Thain was also quite taken with this mad lunatic and decided to let him stay for awhile, just until Gandalf came for the party and then Gandalf could take him off his hands. Pippin, Merry and the other hobbit boys and girls had enormous fun with the Ning Nong Man, making him sing for them, teaching him new songs and making up rhymes for him to answer questions with. Soon, too soon in the children's opinion, the Party approached and Gandalf arrived. Gandalf puzzled endlessly over this strange being, "Why!" he exclaimed, "I have no idea what this person or thing may be!"


Everyone was shocked, something Gandalf didn't know! It was a miracle! "Oh no! We're all going to die!" wailed a distressed drama queen, "Oh, shut up," said her father, putting a hand over her mouth. Gandalf wandered around with the N.N.M (Ning Nong Man), asking some very absurd and personal questions and most of them, the N.N.M couldn't answer. They spent most of the day walking through the Shire, trying to force a single non-sung word from the N.N.M, unsuccessfully of course.


The Long Awaited Party began that night, Bilbo was everywhere, talking, laughing and eating. (I am not going into details because it would make it too long! I am skipping ahead to where Bilbo drops the Ring) The Ring clattered to the floor and Bilbo left abruptly. Gandalf tried to touch it but it flared at his hand and he quickly withdrew it...........................................................

Sorry it's so short, next part much longer!

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