The Nativity - Part Two

Recap: Dom, Billy, Elijah, and Sean have traveled back in time to bibilcal Israel, and have met a young man named Joseph and his pregnant wife Mary. Joseph has asked the actors to travel. Billy thinks this all sounds familiar.
Disclaimer: The story you are reading is based upon true events, and has already been writed about by four authors named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and was inspired by that well-known person named the Helper.

"So, where are you from?" Joseph asked they treked through the wasteland. The actors were silent for a minute. "Jerusalem," Elijah answered.
"Oh," sighed Mary. "Is it as wonderful as they say?" Elijah nodded. He had seen pictures of Jerusalem during the Roman era. "I guess it could be called wonderful."
"I've always wanted to go."
"Maybe one day you will." Elijah loved Mary. Not a romantic love; a love like he had for Hannah and his mom. She was so good, innocent, pure. "Arwen," he thought. "She is very much like Arwen." He wondered what all she had gone through. So young and fresh, and yet she seemed...knowing? He wondered if the others felt the same way. They did.
"What do you do in Jerusalem?"
"We're scribes for the priests. We write stuff down for them," Billy said. Mary frowned. "Oh, you help the Pharisees!" she exclaimed.
"Yup, that's what we do," Dom said.
They continued a pleasent conversation with the couple. They stopped in front of the town's gates. From what they could see, the city was over-flowing with people "Oh no," Joseph murmered. Mary went pale. She put her hand on her stomach. Mary touched Joseph's arm. Their eyes met. Even though, they said nothing, Sean knew what was going on. He expirienced the same when Alexandra was born.
They entered the town. It was so crowded that they had to push their way through the people. They tried to follow the image of the girl on her donkey as best they could. A huge swarm of people cut in front of them. "This reminds me of Heathrow," Billy thought. Finally the people passed by.
Dom stopped suddenly. "Where are Mary and Joseph?"

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