The Moon Shines Down

The moon shines down,
The stars light the sky.
The dirt is brown,
Dreams fly.

A single figure stands in the moon drenched meadow, the black of her hair blending in with the night, the white of her gown reflecting the light. Unseeing she stairs at the sky, tears running down her face glistening.

"Why," she whispers, "why?" She sinks sobbing to her knees, as her tears swiftly fall.
"Why did you leave me?" her voice grows louder with every unanswerable question. "Why did you leave me here alone? Could you not have tarried just a little longer? You were my reason for living. How soon can I join you? When shall I die? How much longer do I have to stay? When will I be free?"

The wind blows around her, her hair dances on the wind, like living shadow. The sounds of her grief echoes through the trees, her salty tears water the blooming flowers. She lies still upon the grass, her strength spent in weeping, gasping for breath. The end is near. Her body shudders as coldness seeps through her, the shaking stops, her soul takes flight. She is free.

Dreams fly,
The dirt is brown,
Starts light the sky,
And the moon shines down.

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