The Man Slayers - chapter #6: Tomoe

I have found out who she is, the woman that I brought back with me. Her name is Tomoe, a name I recall hearing before, but I cannot place it. She seems to be cold, and emotionless.

I told her that she could leave, but she did not for some reason, instead she stayed. I believe that maybe she has no family, or something else.

About two weeks ago we were talking, and she asked me what I would do if she were to have a sword, for I had told her I would not attack an unarmed person. I have not found an answer to that yet, and I may never find the answer.


Tomoe walked into the room and saw Kenshin sleeping in the window. She looked at him, but instead of seeing the Feared Hitokiri Battousai, she saw a young Teenage boy.

She picked up her shawl, walked over to Kenshin, and went to cover him up with it. Suddenly, with his killer instincts, he woke up, grabbed the collar of Tomoe's Kimono, drew his sword, and held it up to her neck.

Tomoe, too fearful to cry out, looked into Kenshin's rage filled eyes. There she saw Hitokiri Battousai, and his thirst to kill.

Kenshin suddenly realized what he was doing, and quickly let the collar of her Kimono go, and pulled his sword away from her neck. He then set to work on calming his heavy breathing.

Finally he found the will to talk to her. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to do that, after saying I'd never harm an unarmed person. Yet I have just almost harmed you, and you were not armed. Please, I beg you, leave before I accidentally kill you."

Tomoe sat there shocked by what he was saying to her. She picked up her shawl, that she had dropped when Kenshin pulled his sword on her, and lied it on his lap. "You could be a nice man to be around, all you need is a sheath to suppress your madness. That way I can stay with you for now."

Kenshin sat there amazed by what she had said. But then he nodded. "I have an answer to the question you asked earlier, when I said I'd never harm an unarmed person, and what I'd do if you were armed. My answer is: I would not kill, nor harm you if you had a sword in your hand. Under no circumstances, I would not harm you... ever."

Tomoe smile. "The answer that you have given is a good one.


Later on, on June 5, the day of the Gion Festival. Tomoe's sewing , and Kenshin is asleep in his room, when Katagai, a bodyguard of Kogoro, burst into the Kohagi Inn. "Battousai! Battousai!"

Kenshin woke up, and rushed down the stairs. "What is it?!"

Katagai stopped for a moment to caught his breath. "It's... Kogoro... We were... attacked by... the man named... Mibu's Wolf... while in a secret metting. Kogoro was barely able to escape, but his wear a bout's unknown. There most be a tratior in our mist, for how else would the enemy know of the secret meeting?"

Battousai, filled with rage, turned, and headed for the door, when Iidzuka rushed up to him. "Wait! It's too late to do anything, over 3000 Shogunate soldiers have properly already been dispatched. Rushing out there will only make the current position worse then what it is."

And so, in that one night, hope of the new era was severely restrained. The Ishinshishi deployed 3000 troops to Kyoto, but the odds were against them, as the Shogunate were 20,000 men strong. The outcome of this hopeless battle had already been predetermined.

And so the Ishinshishi's hopes of winning faded as they were helplessly outnumbered.

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