The Maid of Melian - Chapter Four

I was very upset when I left for work the next day.

"Alassea, you're crying! You have to tell me what's wrong!" exclaimed Melian. "Is that what you wanted to come and talk to me about?"

"Y-y-yes, m-m-milady," I sobbed. "I am s-s-so worried. I know th-that Lessien is controlling Calaglin. P-p-please help m-me!"

"Lessien? Oh, you mean your brother's wife? Let me meet her, and your brother. I will tell you whether she is controlling him. It may not be her."

"But I know it's her! She hates me! Lessien made it so that I lost a sister and a brother in the same year. She's evil! Who else could hate me so much that they would want to hurt me like that?" People were always so nice to me. I couldn't believe that anyone other than Lessien could hate me so much.

"How do you know that it's really her that you're talking to? How do you know that she's not being controlled as well?" Melian asked.

-WHAT??- I thought. I felt extremely mad at the Lady. My anger is one thing that I have always had a problem with. I had always had a lot of trouble controlling it. I could also be very stuborn. "It's her. I know it is. And you can't tell me that it's not her," I said. Then I gasped. Had I just said that to Melian of the Maia?

"I know that you are very upset, Alassea, but you really must learn to control your anger. I never said that it wasn't Lessien, I just said that I wanted to make sure. Even the smartest elf can be fooled," Melian said, not looking at all angry.

I hung my head. "I am very sorry, milady. I will try to keep my anger to myself. May I go now and tell Lessien and Calaglin to come and see you?"

"Yes, please do."


I went to the couple's room and knocked on the door.

"Yes, what is it?" I heard Calaglin call.

"The Lady Melian wishes to see you," I called. I heard the lock being turned and then the door opened.

"Oh, hello, Alassea! What is it that she wants?" Lessien asked when she saw me.

"Well, I don't really know exactly what the Lady wants. Why don't you go and see? She seemed to want to see you quickly," I answered.

"You stay here, Lessien. I'll go. I'm sure she doesn't need both of us!" Calaglin exclaimed as if the idea was ludicrous.

"Oh, but I, well, I think the Lady wants both of you," I said, flustered. "That's what she said anyway. She told me that both of you were to meet her. You are to go to the smallest dining room."

"All right, fine. She wants us now?" Calaglin asked. I nodded. "Let's go then, Lessien. We can't keep 'the Lady' waiting."

I watched them leave, and then I left for Eärendur's room. He let me inside, and I told him what had happened. He was as surprised as I was.

"Melian thinks that Lessien is being controlled as well? Exactly how many people are being controlled here?" he asked.

"I don't know. But Melian said that she didn't say that she was sure that it wasn't Lessien, but that she just wants to make sure that it really is her." I was very confused. I was glad that I had gone to Melian, though, because at least now I knew that something was happening to stop Lessien. I just wasn't sure what.


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