The Maid of Melian - Chapter 7

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Eärendur and I were to be married the next spring. We were married in the same clearing that Beren watched Luthien dance. I was so happy.

"Here's your dress, dear," said my mother. The dress was beautiful. It was made of beaded light green fabric. My eyes were a darker shade of pretty much the same color. I had a necklace with diamonds in the shape of a tear, and an emerald hanging in the middle. It had been Anaranë's.

"That necklace is beautiful on you. I only wish the original owner could be here to see this," Mother said sadly.

"So do I. Will you help me with my hair? You know I've always been terrible at doing it," I said, quickly changing the subject.

"Oh, yes, dear. Come here. You will be so beautiful. I'm glad you're so happy."

Eärendur had introduced his sister Tariel to Véneanár, and they were friends, but nothing more. Véneanár was happy for us, though. I had forgiven him for controlling Calaglin. Lessien and Calaglin couldn't be happier. They had recently had their first child, a daughter named Nessa.

"There," Mother said as she finished. "Now you're ready."

The wedding went smoothly, and a little while later, we had a son named Elensar, and then a daughter named Tári. Our last child was another daughter, and after lots of dicussing, we named her Anaranë.



Maybe I'll write another story, if I come up with something to write about. We'll see. I hope you liked this story!!!

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