The Lord of Mirkwood - Prolauge

After the war of the ring the elves of Middle Earth started heading west in larger numbers. But those that remained waited longer to head west to the beauty and peace of Valinor. The high lords of the elves waited and slowly went west also. Thranduil Lord of north Mirkwood, waited tell his only son Legolas returned from the quest to destroy the one ring.
Thranduil stayed only long enough to watch him be crowned. Then with a small group of elves ready to head west, went to Valinor and passed out of all knowledge. The wood land elves where brokenhearted to watch him leave. Over the next few year Legolas became a great ruler. Under his leadership Mirkwood was once again becoming a peaceful place to live.
With Sauron finally destroyed, and the last few remaining orcs being taken care of. The last few elves lived in peace once more. But in the dark a shadow grew restless......Once Sauron's faithfull servent, cast out of Mordor for a crime he didn't commit. He would do what Sauron could never accomplesh. By taking over Middle Earth he would start with the elves. With their numbers slowly depleating they would be easyer to concour. Then they would take out the other kingdoms one by one. All he had to do was wait for the right time. A time that was approching quickly.
His mind scurred over old maps of Middle Earth. Then his gaze fell upon a small forest on the east side of the Misty Mountains. MIRKWOOD! Thranduil had finally left Middle Earth forever. And his son Legolas was inexperienced. He sat back in his chair. Why not start with Mirkwood. The elves in that forest are better fighters then most of his men. He called in one of his guards outside the door. " We start with Mirkwood forest."

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