The Life of Eowyn - Chapter one - A Story

Author's note: My characters are a little different from the book and the movie. But it's still good. I just borrow Tolkien's characters, cuz I just love his work. oh, and don't get mad at me for borrowing a few of the characters from other author's stories. Sorry about that, but I just couldn't think of a elven name so I just theirs. Well, hope you enjoy it. Thanks

Eowyn walked through the Golden Halls toward the Front Gates, to meet her brother, Eomer. There he was riding up the hill with someone in front of him, looking dead. As Eomer got closer, she notice who the person was, Theodren! Her cousin! She ran up to them and asked 'Eomer! What has happened?'

'Theodren got hurt while fighting Orcs. He's in great pain. I don't think he will survived.' Answered Eomer. 'Not survive? Is he that wounded?' 'Yes.' They got to Theodren's room and put him down on his bed. 'So we're going to leave him here to die?' Eowyn asked her brother. 'We'll try to stop the blood, but I think the arrow was poisoned, and he will die soon.' 'Ok.'

So they got to work. Eowyn went to get cold towels, and Eomer tried to stop the blood. But it was impossible, the blood just kept pouring out and out. Eowyn felt a tear rolled down her cheek. 'Now, now, he died brave. Theodren wanted to save his town. Now where is uncle Theoden? I'm sure that he's not just going to watch he's son die.' Eomer said. 'I think that uncle is with Grima Wormtongue. I went to tell him that you would be here soon, he told me not to bother him. And even though he comes, Theodren is already dead.'

'I'll try to find uncle.' Eowyn nodded, not trusting her voice. Eomer just hugged her and went out. Eowyn just looked at Theodren and felt the tears fall down her cheek freely. She loved him so much. He taught her so much. He was her best friend, too. As well as Eomer. But there he was, dead. She couldn't take it anymore, it was just too awful. She ran out the door, and headed toward the front, where she could have fresh air. Then she saw Grima stab Eomer in the stomach. 'EOMER!!!!! NO!!!' she cried. She ran up to them, and glared at Grima. He was still holding the sword, looking amused.

'Now I get to have you, without Eomer breathing down my neck.' Grima said. Eowyn didn't said anything, but bend down to Eomer, and whispered 'Hang on.' And she took Eomer's sword out of his shield. She got up, sword in hang and faced Grima. But she didn't care, she started fighting with Grima. Block after block. Swing after swing. She was using all her energy, and all the skills that Theodren and Eomer taught her. By the time, she was out of breath; they were all the way down by the entrance of Edoras.

She heard her uncle running down the hill. 'Lady Eowyn, please calm down!' She heard Hama, Theoden's Doorward, said. Then she swung hard, and Grima blocked, then she twisted and stabbed Grima's stomach hard. ''ll...regret...doing...this.... I'll, take...revenge...beware!' he took one last breath and died. She didn't notice that there were four strangers on horses, until she was staggering backward toward her uncle. He caught her, and helped her stand up. 'Why did you kill Grima? And how did you learn how to use a sword so skillfully?' Theoden asked. 'I killed Grima because he killed Eomer. And I learned how to use a sword from Eomer and Theodren. They taught me since I was 12 years old.' She answered him. Then she dropped her sword on the ground and it clanged loudly.

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