The Life of Eowyn - Chapter 2 - The last chapter...

She then turned away and started running toward the Front Gates. Eowyn felt like she was running for hours. By the time she reached the Golden Halls, she was out of breath. Then she ran to where Eomer was, and checked his breathing and found that he was already dead. She was trembling so hard that her legs gave out and she fell on the ground next to her brother. 'How could both of them died in the same day?' she thought. It was just hours before Theodren died, and here she was looking at Eomer's dead body. All the tears that she's been holding had started falling down her cheeks. She just sat there, crying for what it seems like hours.

* * *

Theoden watched his niece run away. Hama tried to run after her, but Theoden stopped him. 'Let her be.' But even though he wanted to go after her too, he couldn't. He'll burst into tears too. His nephew was dead; captain of the Riders of the Rohan. But then Eomer came back, so where was his son, Theodren? A slight of fear brush him. What if Theodren was dead, too? Now he couldn't let that happen, so he was about to turn, when he notice that there were 3 strangers in first of him.

Gandalf Greyhame; the wizard that was he's good friend, an Elf, a Dwarf, and a Man, he notice. 'Ah Gandalf! What a surprise! Who's your friends here?' Theoden asked. 'Hello, King Theoden son of Thengel. This is Aragorn son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur Elendil's son of Gondor.' He pointed to the man, and then he pointed to the elf, 'Legolas Greenleaf son of Thranduil, from the Woodland Realm in distant Mirkwood and Prince of Mirkwood.' And then he finally pointed to the dwarf, 'and this is Gimli son of Gloin, dwarf of the Lonely Mountains.'

'Ah, welcome to Rohan. I'm sorry you had to se that disturbing fight before but now let me lead you to the Golden Halls.' Theoden told them. Then Theoden told Hama to put their horses in the stables. 'So how's your business, Gandalf?' Theoden asked. 'I guess it's going good.' Gandalf answered. 'Good. What is your business here?' He asked Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli. 'We are hunting for Orcs. For they have taken our good friends, Merry and Pippin.' Answered Legolas. 'They're only the size of children. They are hobbits, halflings.' Aragorn told Theoden. 'Oh, halflings. I'm sorry for your friends. But I'm sure they're safe.' Theoden told Aragorn. 'I hope they are too.' Aragorn said.

They reached the Golden Halls and they were all tired from the walk. Then Theoden notice Eomer a few feet ahead, dead. He froze where he was, not daring to move, all he could do watch just stare. 'Um, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, why don't you go to the kitchen and ask for some food.' Gandalf said. 'OK.' All three of them answered and went to the kitchen. 'Theoden, are you okay?' Theoden couldn't answer because he was in shock, he had to find Theodren, and just to make sure he wasn't dead, but he's body wouldn't work. Suddenly, his body came back alive and he rushed to get to his son's room. Gandalf didn't follow him but went to the kitchen.

Theoden got to Theodren's room and gasped. Theodren was lying down on his bed, pale white. And Theoden knew that Theodren was dead. Then he walk up to the bed crouched down and started crying.

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