The legend of Elessar - The Return of the Heir

A cold wind passes a Rohan encampment.Rohirrim flood the fields as they ride to aid the scouts of Gondor.But the wizard,elf,men,and dwarf spoke whith Theoden."Understand,things are now in motion that cannot be undone.Sauron now forms a war that will wipe out all of Gondor."said Gandalf."I have a feeling that Sauron believes Peregrin has the ring."everyone sat silent for hours until Aragorn finally stood."I shall call the aid of the Dwimoberg!"he called."Aragorn wait...that is possible,for you are the heir of Isildur."Gandalf spoke."Then I shall go!"

The Rohirrim stood near Aragorn as if to congratulate him for going to a haunted mountain...which he was."Aragorn,be careful.Many dangerous spirits lurk in the dark of the Dwimoberg."said Gandalf.The horn of Rohan was blown for Aragorn's departure.Legolas and Gimli went with him to.They do not know what happened years ago that happened to the King of the mountain until now.

"Gandalf was right.The way is shut.There is a path but it is shut."Legolas muttered."I've seen more ghosties then you two lads in my day."Gimli said."Becareful!The dead linger here!"Aragorn shouted.But he was right...the dead lingered near."Who enters my domain?"the king of the Dwimoberg shouts."One who will hold you to your oath!"Aragorn cried."I know who you are.Heir to the throne of Gondor.But I have a test for you.You must pass this now collapsing mountain!For then you can summon my army!" "I shall do it!Thank you my lord!"

He ran whith his friends to the ending of the cave."Did we fail?"Aragorn spoke."We will fight for you,when your people are closest to us."

To be Continued

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