The Last Journey - Epilouge and Timeline of Events


The next morning as the surviving people were trying to record the dead, they came upon two elves. One was cradled in the arms of the other, who had her head on the other's chest. They recognized the one being held as Haldir, the great leader of the elven warriors, but no one could recognize the other one. Two things baffled the recorders. One was the fact that the unrecognized elf was a woman, but they knew elven women were not allowed to fight. The other thing was the fact that they could not find a single wound on her. She was virtually unscathed. They sent for Orophin, Haldir's youngest brother and third in command. Rúmil, the middle brother, had also met his fate at the hands of the cruel and heartless orcs. As son as Orophin saw the woman elf he gasped, for he recognized her at once.
"I do know her." he whispered, full of grief. "That is Gythien, Haldir's wife. I knew she was with us, but I only discovered her presence early yesterday morning. She has no wounds, as I can see, so she must have died of a broken heart. They will be greatly missed. Let the two of them be buried together, for they were truly in love." He leaned over the two and touched both their heads. "Hiro hyn hîdh ab `wanath." he whispered, kissing both their foreheads. He rose and, with slightly bent shoulders, walked slowly away.
~ ~ ~


~Middle of February to beginning of March in story
~From Lorien to Helm's Deep is about 215 miles
~About 23.89 miles per day (over 9 days)

Feb. 16 -
~Fellowship of the Ring leaves Lórien
~Gythien arrives in Lórien and is told about her mission

Feb. 19 -
~Galadriel agrees to marry Haldir and Gythien
~Gythien looks into Galadriel's mirror

Feb. 20 -
~Haldir & Gythien get married

Feb. 23 -
~Galadriel tells Haldir about his quest
~Haldir and Gythien decide she will go with him in disguise

Feb. 24 -
~Gythien discovers pregnancy, but decides not to tell Haldir until they get back
~Haldir & Gythien make Gythien's disguise

Feb. 25 -
~Haldir & co. (+Gythien) leave Lórien early in the morning
~Galadriel knows about Gythien's pregnancy and the fact the Gythien is going, but lets her go anyway

Feb. 26 -
~The breaking of the Fellowship at the Falls of Rauros

Feb. 27 -
~Mid-day: Haldir & co. enter Fangorn forest

Feb. 30 -
~Morning: Haldir & co. see Ent
~Morning: Entmoot begins
~About 5:00 p.m.: Haldir & co. leave Fangorn forest

Mar. 2 -
~Night: Haldir discovers Gythien's pregnancy in a dream

Mar. 3 -
~Morning: Orophin discovers that Gythien is with the company
~Night: Haldir & co. arrive at Helm's Deep
~Battle of Helm's Deep

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