The Last Good-bye - The death of Arwen

The Last Good-bye

Absence of life.

Slipping through the darkened tree's, face hidden beneath a silver veil of starlight. Sorrowful eyes stared ahead, barefeet caressing the ground, carrying away a deteriorating life.

Weeper's of loneliness.

Golden Nimloth's, towering Mallorn's. Sanctuary upon Cerin Amroth. Memories of Love, Memories of Pain, Memories of Happiness, Memories of Sadness.

The Last Good-bye

Tears of sorrow touched pale skin, falling aimlessly at elemental touch. Crawling upon the soft grass, laying gently down. Arwen closed her eyes, pains of sorrow weeping within her as she gasped. A last image. A last thought. A last word, "Estel."

A last breath.

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