The King's Son-Part 3 - Strange Greetings

Author's note: Pleae excue the shortness of my chapters. This one may be longer however. I just realized that I did not post all of part 2, so we'll start from the place I forgot to post.

Disclaimer:All the character's in this story are Tolkien's. All except or Shynira whom is my own creation and the man who is just know as a man.

Author's note: Most of this series is inside Aragorn's mind and what he is thinking as you'll find in part 1&2. In part 3&4, there is more dialouge. Coming Soon!art4 and the sequal to this story: The Prince of Gondor:The King's Son(There will be alot more dialouge in the sequal, I promise).

"Aragorn?" I came back to reality and looked for the person who called my name. "Yes, Love?"(my nickname I gave to Arwen). She smiled at that name and told me that King Eomer was here. "Alright, I'll be there in a minute," I replied. She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and left.
"Why is Eomer here?" I wondered. Something must be amiss in Rohan. I hurried to the throne room as quick as I could without giving anyone a reason to worry.
"What brings you here Eomer?" I asked him.

"Someone came to Rohan the other day. Actually it was two people, a woman with red hair, dark-skin, and brown eyes.
The other person was a male child about 5 years old. He had Dark hair, pointed ears, and light-complected-fair skin."

"What about his eyes?" I asked him.

"His were very unusual, they were grey, like an elfs, but they seemed different than an elfs."

"How so?"

"Well, they seemed familiar, yet I had never seen him before," he said this and looked straight into my eyes. "they remind me of...your eyes Aragorn."


"Yes, they did. He looked somewhat like you as well. His hair I the same color and texture to. Why don't you come and meet them? Shynira said she was on her way to see you. She did not tell me why though."

Eomer is starting to freak me out.(Aragorn's thought)

We arove at Edoras late that night. Eomer sent for Shynira and the child. I miled at the child as he yawned. As Eomer had said, he looked like me.

"Lady Shynira, may I introduce you to, King Elessar."

Lady Shynira curtsied and said," King Elessar, I do not mean to bother you, but I have somthing that belongs to you."

She indicated that the child was what he had that belonged to me.

I loked down at the child and one single name flashed in my mind, Eldarion. I, having a temper when provoked, did everthing I could from letting my temper fly. Before I even asked she told me.

Author's note: I was extremely tempted to leave a cliffhanger.

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