The King's Son Part 2 - The Search

The King's Son-Part 2
The Search

Author's note:At the first of the story it has been a flashback
Most of part 2 will be what is going on after that night. In part 3 you will see the name-Shynira, Who is my creation. All else are Tolkien's. No harm will come to them, Thankyou.
It was a cloudy afternoon. It had been cloudy ever since that night five years ago. Eldarion's name often flashed in my mind. We never did find him...
The rain had stopped when morning came. We tried to find my son and the kidnappers, but rain had washed away the trail as I had feared. We gave up after nightfall, there was little hope in finding him or some clue on where they headed.
Why did this happen? Bad luck just always seems to find me. My father died when I was two years old. My cousin Halbarad, whom I grew close to, died in the battle of the Pelennor Fields. Now my son has been kidnapped and possibly even...
I shook that thought from my head. I did not want to believe my son had been murdered as well.
My wife had had two more children since that day, they were both girls, but none of them could replace Eldarion. When I first held Eldarion in my arms I felt a power between us, besides he was my heir.

Author's note: I do not want this to sound as if Aragorn neglects his daughters. He doesn't, but Right now he is in deep sorrow.

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