The King's Son - Part 1-The Kidnapping

The King's Son-Part 1
The Kidnapping

I woke up with a start, something had disturbed my sleep, but what? I looked over at Arwen who was sleeping peacefully. It was pouring rain outside and every now and then there was a bright flash of lightning. I got up to check on my son, Eldarion who was only a few years old.
I walked over to his cradle and looked in. I started to panic, Where was he? I woke up Arwen and told her. She ran over to the cradle and fell to her knees and started to weep. All of a sudden I felt a madness welliung up inside my heart.
I ran to the door and told the guards to alert the city. I pulled on my ranger outfit and ran to the stables and got on my horse, Roheryn. Mixed thoughts were running through my mind. " having been a ranger I should be able to follow the kidnapper's trail," I thought. But I had not practiced following trails for sometime, if my skill had left me, what could i do? I pushed my horse harder, racing through the streets of the city.
The guards almost did not recognize me in my strange garb. When I got outside the gates of the city I realized how dark it was and that it was still storming. How could I hope to see the trail in this weather and at night? I turned my horse around and went back into the city. I would have to wait till morning.
I went back upt o my chambers and tried to comfort my wife. I knew that this rain would wash away the kidnapper's trail. I did not get anymore sleep that night.

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