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The King's Daughter is my fan fiction story about the King's Daughter, Elaine. In the history of Middle-earth it is recorded that Aragorn & Arwen had one son, and many daughters. I decided to write a story about one. Some of the times and names and stuff have been changed around, but hey, it is fan fiction.

My Original Characters

Nilah- Nilah is Legolas' wife, the Queen of Mirkwood (Tranduil died in battle). She was born in Mirkwood but left with her parents to go to Lothórien but she returned to Mirkwood at the age of 400. She married Legolas when he returned from War of the Ring. Nilah is Human/Elf, she has chosen the Immortal life, but her children are yet to choose theirs.

Adan-Adan is Legolas' & Nilah's son. His birthday is the day before the Gondorian (is that word?) New Year. He has short brown hair and had blue eyes. He is very tall and loves battle. He is adventurous and has been as far as the Shire and Rivendell. He is good friends with the four Hobbits Merry, Pippin, Frodo, and Sam. He also knows Bilbo. He was trained to fight by Elrohir, Elladan, and his father.

Elaine- Elaine is the first daughter of Aragorn and Arwen. She is their second oldest child. She is only a year younger than her brother Eldarion and Matthew, Faramir and Eowyn's son. Thus she grew up much like Eowyn did. She was never allowed to leave Minas Tirith with her brothers, and if she did leave the city she had to have an escort for Aragorn did not want his daughter to be hurt or live like a boy. Little did he know that Elaine sometimes sneaked out and did leave. She was born on the day of the New Year. She was taught how to fight at an early age from Eowyn and sometimes here mother. She was also taught by Elladan when he came to visit.

Matthew- Matthew is Eowyn's and Faramir's son. He and Eldarion were best friends from the beginning, as they got older they went out on adventures together. Elaine sometimes sneaked out and went with them as far as the falls of Rauros. Matthew was also good friends with Adan but didn't get to see him often. He was very skilled in battle, but he did enjoy the arts, much like his father.

Okay, in my story the Elves are not going over sea. The Hobbits are not either; Gandalf now lives in Gondor as the King's advisor. The Three Rings of the Elves have not lost there power. Elrond is still the Lord of Rivendell and much went on like it had before WR. The Lonely Mountain is prospering with Gimli at the head now. Also every New Year the Fellowship reunites at Gondor and Eomer also come to visit.

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