The Kindred - Prolouge

I sat on the bus, watching the rain beat against the windows. I was sitting next to my best friend Laura, listening to her chatter on about Lord of the Rings and Tolkein. What she did not know was that Tolkein had never really wrote them, I did, mailing them to him and signing my name as "elvendream". It was our stop. Laura got up and looked at me.

" No, I have to get off at another stop." I found myself saying. She shrugged and walked off the bus. Now why did I say that, I asked myself. But deep down in my heart I knew. Five stops later I got off. Trudging down the street, I pulled up my hood against the rain. I shivered as the pouring rain beat down upon me. Then I stood in front of the house. Tolkein's house. As I looked up at the house looming over me, I knew that the time had come for the truth to be revealed.

Gathering my courage, I knocked on the door. Tolkein answered the door.

"Hello! Who are you?" he asked me.

" I am Elizabeth, me elvendream." I said softly. He looked at me, startled.

"You're elvendream?" he asked, amazed.

" Yes." I answered.

" Come in, come in" he said, opening the door wider, and ushering me in. As I walked in I passed a small mirror hanging on the wall. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my reflection. I had long brown hair, stretching down my back. I had blue eyes that had once had a light in them. But there was no light in them now. I had lost too much. I took a deep breath and turned to Tolkein.

" The story that I told you is mostly true. I am one of the Kindred. The Kindred are the people who can travel between Middle Earth and here. I went with the Fellowship on their long journey. Would you like to hear my tale?" I said, looking him in the eye, trying to tell him that I was telling the truth. He looked at me, his mouth hanging open.

" Of course, of course!" he said, bringing me to sit on a chair before a roaring fire.

"I guess I should begin with when a meeting was called for all of the Kindred to come. Such a meeting had not been called since Sauron first made the One Ring. When I first heard about it I felt stirrings of unease. For some reason I had a feeling that that meeting would change my life forever. And I was right..."

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