The Key to Middle Earth - The Last Day

"Show no mercy..." said Darce, as he paced up and down his troops. "They are full of hatred and we shall not dispair...." He turned to Kingsley. "What hope have they against are aliences?" he asked, his eyes bright with determination. "They shall crumble at our feet...they shall not take the key.."
"What will become of us if...when we take the key?", Kingsley said, noticing Darce's sharp eyes upon him. "Will we share power with the Men and Dwarves - they have been loyal to us, despite our bitterness. The stories shall remain in the shadows of the past,and only we shall know of them..." he broke off, remembering those stories that made him silently weep. " My Lord the past is harsh but the hope will remain in Rivendell if all hate is forgotten, think of them but do not weep like I, praise them my Lord.." Once again his voice withered away like the the soft cries of the dying Elves and Men when the last War for the key began. Kingsley turned and looked up into the sky. His heart was full of sorrow, the loses of those he loved - those who were slaughtered to save the key where too hard to bear. He bowed his head and wept.
"My Lord, Lord Farquir is here," Elizabeth said softly, as she placed her hand on Darce's shoulder. "You are strong," she whispered, taking her brother's hand. "Let Kingsley weep...his heart may never mend, you will forgive - you know that as well as I. The sun will set and the war shall begin, many die, many suffer..." she too felt a cold tinge upon her heart as she spoke. " Darce, you must be strong - look at your troops" Elizabeth pulled Darce around. "They need your support, your wisdom, they need you..". Darce looked at her with mournfull eyes. He stared at his troops once more and then at Elizabeth again.
"You are much wiser than me Elizabeth..I cannot do this alone..I cannot win this war.." he fell to the floor, his eyes full of tears.
"You have Kingsley,he may not be emotionally strong but he has wisdom and courage. Come Farquir is waiting" With that Elizabeth walked away towards the steps. "He will bring wise information too. trust your friends Darce, they will be loyal until the end.."
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