The Kelena - Prologue

Legolas tightened the straps again, making sure that his things would not fall off as soon as he set out.

"I still don't see why you want to go out there." Arane, his friend from one of the villages, came into the stables, his breath showing in the early dawn air.

"Mother is ready to believe that I am a man now, and is finally willing to let me go on the trip that Father suggested." Legolas replied. "It is a journey he had to make to prove that he was a man, and it is now my turn to make that journey into the far East. Besides, wouldn't it be a bit of an adventure of sorts?"

"Of course, and that's why I'm coming with you." Arane said, calling his own, laden horse to him from outside.

"You're kidding me." Legolas looked at him. "You can't be serious."

"Oh, what's an adventure without someone to shear it with, mellon nin?"

"True." Legolas shrugged. "And do your parents know of this? You are, after all, still only forty-six."

"They practical begged me to go with you to keep you out of trouble and to get out of the house for a while. It's not like we won't be back. I just think that they weren't ready to be parents when sis came along before me, and now they want a break from it all."

"I can see why."

"Oh? Who are you to say, you're not a father."

"No, but I do know how much stress you put onto your parents, going off with me to hunt."

"They can get over it. Spiders aren't that hard of game any longer."

"Then why do you still return home with lacerations on your legs and arms each time we go out?" Legolas asked, leading his horse out to join Arane.

"Not funny, Legolas, or should I call you Legless? After all, you never can stand still when on a rope crossing. You'd fall off as soon as you'd stop as if you just lost your legs for no reason."

"Ha ha." Legolas said blandly.

"Hold up, you two!" a woman's voice called from behind. The two young men turned to see Naive, Legolas' twin sister striding up to them, two packs in hand. "You two aren't going anywhere without this."

"Has your mother not packed enough travel foods for us yet?" Arane asked with a groan.

"Nana was in on this as well?" Legoals turned to him in accusation.

Arane's sheepish grin told all.

"It's not food." Narfea said, hugging her brother, and pressing a pack to him. Giving the other pack to Arane, she explained, "It's salve for your skin should you go through a desert along the way. Ada said that he went through one near the coastline of a land called Lelas, which may have grown larger by now, or become smaller. Who knows? And there's other things as well that he has brought back for other possible problems. There's a note in there that explaines it all."

"What a mouthful." Arane said, noting that she'd said it all on one breath.

"She tends to do that from time to time." Legoals said as if it made no difference. He added to Narfea, "Are you done yet?"

"Oh, you do have to be off before the sun is up, don't you?" she looked saddened.

"Yes, Nar." Legolas kissed her for head before he and Arane mounted their horses and rode off with a final wave to Narfea in goodbye.

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