The Journey of Ireth Ar-feiniel - chapter 1 *The*Letter*

On a spring morning a young woman at the age of 25 was woken up by her maid.
"Lady Ireth wake up! Your mother and father want to see you in the throne room."the maid said.
"I'm up! I'm up!" Ireth said sitting up.
"Good, now I've picked out your dress it's on the -" she was cut off.
"Do I have to wear a dress? I hate wearing dresses I'd rather wear pants, Chrissy." Ireth argued.
"I know that but your a princess and you should dress like one not like a male."Chrissy said gently.
Ireth crossed her arms"Alright I'll wear a dress. Are you happy?"
Chrissy nodded "Your dress is on the end of the bed. I'll tell them you'll be down in a half and hour."then Chrissy left the room.
Ireth quickly put the long sleeved silver dress. Then she went over to the mirror and brushed her waist length wavy brownish blonde hair. She had forest green eyes and was normal height for a human female that was 25, but Ireth was different from all the other girls in the land of lothlorien because instead of in her free time discussing guys and other junk the young female elves did. She practiced her fighting skills with her best friend Haldir.
After getting ready Ireth quickly ran down the stairs to the throne room but on accident she ran into Haldir and they both fell down.
"Oh sorry Haldir didn't see you." Ireth apologized.
"It's okay," Haldir said, "wow your wearing a dress." He said jokingly.
"Shut-up," Ireth said getting up, "well see you around I have to meet Galadriel and Celeborn in the throne room." Then she ran off to the throne room.
When she got there Galadriel and Celeborn were looking at a piece of paper. Ireth straightened her dress then said "Mother father you asked for me."
"Yes, "Celeborn said, "Lord Elrond of Rivendell has sent a letter saying that he is having a counsel discussing the fate of the one ring-"
"What!?!" Ireth exclaimed " The ring has been found! Its going to be destroyed. Right?"
"Settle down child" Galadriel said calmly.
"Let me continue," Celeborn cleared his voice, "Lord Elrond also asked for a representative from lord lothrien and we have decided to choose you to represent lothrien."
"Thank you," Ireth said excitedly,"I haven't left lothrien for at least five years. When should i leave?"
You may head to Rivendell in the morning." Galadriel suggested but you must not use your elvish name Ireth Ariel-Feiniel, you must use your human name of Melissa. It may be safer if the others didn't know you were the princess of lothrien."
"Okay then I will use my name Melissa. I'll go pack now." Melissa said. Then she quickly left and went up to her room to pack.
Ireth's real father wasn't Celeborn it was Islidur. Celeborn was only her stepfather. That made Ireth half human and half elf. Ireth also had the power to read minds and she could do some magic.
After she packed everything that was needed into a small backpack she went to her closet to pick out an outfit for tomorrow (which was what most elven males would wear). Then she heard a knock on the door
"Come in." Ireth yelled. Then Haldir opened the door and walked in.
"Heard you are leaving for Rivendell tomorrow." Haldir said Leaning against the wall.
"Guess you have heard right," Ireth said smiling. " So what did you come for."
"Well, I probably wont see you in the morning," Haldir said "So I decided to come and say good-bye now."
Ireth went up to him and hugged him around the his neck and then hugged her around the waist. "I'll miss you," Ireth said "but I wont be gone long I hope"
Haldir squeezed her tightly "I'll miss you to princess."
"You know you don't have to call me princess," Ireth stated "you can just call me ireth or Melissa."
"I know that." Haldir said letting go of her "but I like calling you that because that's what you are." Then he kissed her on the cheek and then left.
Ireth was shocked. She had no idea what had gotten into him. She was so shocked she just laid in her bed and went to sleep.
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