The Jewel of the Twilight - Chapter 5 - The Truth About Elrohir

True to her word Mir went to her friends room that afternoon and, as Lord Elrond had said, Elrohir was there. She walked over to him and sat down.

"How are you?"

"I'm alright. I'd be better if Narmir were awake."

"Don't worry, Elrohir. She will be, these things just take time."

"So I guess you know the truth."

Mir smiled, "The truth about what?"

"The truth about me, how I feel about Narmir."

"How do you feel about her?"

"I love her"


"No!" came a voice from behind them. They turned to see Elrond standing there in the doorway. He took several steps towards them and continued, I have lost a brother, I have lost a daughter, must I lose a son as well?"

Elrohir looked up at his father, not quite sure what to think. "It's not your..."

"Narmir!" Mirlómien had been watching Narmir, listening to their words, when she saw Narmir's eyes flutter. "It's Narmir, she's awake!"

Both Elrond and Elrohir rushed to her side. Mir could see tears in Elrohir's eyes.

Elrond looked up at them, "She has regained consciousness and is sleeping normally. She'll be alright."

Mir was no longer blind. She saw relief in Elrohir's eyes, but in Elrond's she saw fear. A fear of losing his child. Illuvater must have heard her prayers, for Elrond left and the day ended without any more sparks between father and son.

After what seemed like hours of silence Elrohir looked up at Mir. "Narmir is lucky to have your friendship, and Anëndil your love."

Mir smiled, "No, I think I'm lucky to have theirs."

Elrohir forced a smile and looked back down at Narmir.

Mir woke up the next morning and found herself still in Narmir's room. Elrohir had been up all night, not once leaving Narmir's side.

"She woke up last night."

Mir looked at him in surprise. "Did she? Well what did she say?"

"She asked for you," answered Elrohir, unable to suppress a smile. "And she agreed to marry me."

"She did! Oh Elrohir I';m so happy for you! But what will your father say?"

Elrohir looked down at Narmir. "I don't know. He will just have to accept my becoming mortal as he accepted Arwen doing so."

"He won't like it."

"Its not his choice"

"I know its not. And I hope you and Narmir will be happy." came Lord Elrond's voice as he walked in the room. He went over to his son and laid his hand on Elrohir's shoulder. "I know you will be."

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