The Houses of Healing - Eowyn falls in love with Faramir

I'm so alone
locked in this room
with too much time to think
And my window doesn't face east
where all my thoughts go...
Lying still here will never cure me
I find no rest in this house
If only I could walk outside
in the free air in these gardens...

Then he was there
I looked in his eyes and saw his gentle heart
He looked in my eyes and saw my soul
And as he smiled he said
"walk with me in the garden
let us sit under the green trees together."
And he listened and I told him
about my bitter tears in the long nights
And I knew he understood
Better than anyone he knew
the taste of the bitter tears
in the long, dark hours of the night

We stood upon the walls
our hands met
we didn't say a word
and I wanted to stay there for ever
under the stars in the blue night
I felt his warmth so near me
he had laid a mantle around me
"Suited for a Queen", he said
as he told me about his mother
But I still felt cold

From the East came the Great Eagle
bearing words of joy
And all our hopes were fulfilled
The City was singing
The sun was shining
as he took me in his arms and kissed me
And the warmth in me returned
A warmth I had never known before
The Lords returned from Cormallen,
The King came back
and wed his Queen
on Midsummer's eve in his City
I no longer desired to be a Queen
and he was glad of the healing we both had found
We were given fair Ithilien to dwell in
to be his princedom
He is my Prince, I will be his White Lady
and turn my thoughts from war
In Ithilien we will build a garden together
and be a family

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