The Hobbit Who Was An Elf - Arinae's Father

"We have much to discuss," he said to Rian.

"Such as?"

"Such as her sister Arien I have in my grasp. The Crystal now about her neck is mine for she is mine."

"I will kill you if you lay hands on her."

Arinae felt better with Rian here. He would protect her at least she hoped he could.

"I think not," a voice said.

Arinae heard the new voice issue from the darkness. A dark figure appeared, and his face was veiled. A familiar presence struck her as if she knew him. A red jewel was clasped around his neck. He carried a green glowing ball in his hand.

"Who is he?" Arinae asked.

"I am the Necromancer apprentice to the one who was apprenticed to Sauron. You can not harm either of us."

"Who are you?" she asked once again fearing the figure more than the man.

"Your past father, Arinae," the elf said.

"NO!" her heard burned and melted inside of her. "I don't believe it."

"You know it to be true, my love. And now you see he has truly turned to the Shadow."

"But he hasn't," Arinae protested. "What about my mother?"

"I do not think you would want to see her. You would not be able to live."

"What have you done?"

"She has bee mutilated to serve my purpose."

Tears filled her eyes as she looked towards the dark figure who was once her father, He was still in there somewhere, and she had to get to him no matter what. She just needed to get past the shell surrounding him.

"Father! Look at me! I'm your daughter. Remember," she said trying to reach him.

The man grasped her shoulders. "You will not pierce him. Watch and see how he is changed."

He clapped his hands, and the great doors swung open. Two Uruk Hai walked in carrying a weak and injured Arien. They set her on the floor. Arinae went to her sisters side.

"What is happening?" Arien asked.

The man spoke. "Now you will believe." He addressed her past father. "Kill her. I order you to."

"Yes my master," he said unsheathing a sword.

"No! Father please you cant do this. She is your daughter," Arinae cried.

"Was," he corrected approaching.

What could she do? How could she reach him? She watched as he grasped Arien's throat and squeezed. The Uruk's held the struggling Rian back. Arinae felt helpless as she felt the man's grip on her shoulders. She then let herself go and screamed out with all her might when the solution came. She knew what to do.

"Father! I know you're there and you can hear me. I love you! Do you hear?" she screamed out. "I love you! I love you! And nothing can stop love! I love you!"

Rian freed himself of the Uruks and retrieved his sword and killed them. He stayed the elven man with a thrust of his sword. Arinae's father stopped stunned and loosened his grip on Arien. He dropped the sword and drifted away from the body his mind remembering a hundred different memories. There he was. He held a beautiful baby with dark hair. A small child with red hair stood under him, and a beautiful lady stood beside him smiling. The memory disappeared. Arinae could sense the darkness was coming back fast. They did not have much time.

"I am sorry girls. Do it before I harm you. I don't want to, but I cannot stop myself. Do it!"

"No, you remembered. Please stay."

"I only remembered a little and not for long. The Shadow is returning. You must do it. You must kill me before I hurt you."

"No! I cant! Father please," Arinae said between tears.

"If you love me, you will do it. There cannot be life in this world without death. I am sorry. I love you too."

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