The Golden Years Part 4 - The Mischievings of Young Arwen

Celebrian tore open the letter and started to read, steadily her face became very pale.

"What is wrong?" Elrond asked.

"My parents are coming to visit."

"What!!!! The in-laws are coming here?" he exclaimed.

"Yes, the note says they have left and will in Imladris within 2 days."

"Crap! that doesn't give us enough time to pretend we are out of town." thought Elrond.

What he said was, "They give us two days to clean an entire palace. Oh man we will never get this place cleaned in time."

"Well we will just have to make do." Celebrian said in a calm tone.

"How are we going to break the news to the kids?" he said.

"It says in the letter that they are coming to celebrate Arwen's 500th birthday(15). said Celebrian.

"What! Arwen is nowhere near ready to leave yet."

"I know how you feel sweetie, but I can't break the families tradition."

"Arwen does not even know her grandmother, let alone her families pathetic tradition. What if she does not want to go?"

"Oh, I am sure she will want to go" said Celebrian. "Yeah especially because he keeps her on the shorest leash possible" she thought.

"We have got to tell her." said Celebrian.

"Tell me what mother."

"That you are grounded for the next 500 years." Elrond butted in.

"What!! What did I do this time?"

"Your father is kidding sweetheart."

"Oh well that is a relief."

"Who said I was joking. I am absoluty serious." said Elrond.

"What your father is trying to prevent is the fact that you are going to be leaving soon sweetie."

"What! Where am I going?"

"Your grandmother is coming to celebrate your birthday and when she leaves you will go with her as is tradition

"And just when were planning on telling me this?"

"Ha, I told you she would not go!"

"Are you kidding daddy, I have been wanting to get out of this palace for a long time. How much time do I have to pack?"

"A week."

"Ok, I will see to it, see you later."

After Arwen left the room Celebrian quietly put arm around her husband's shoulder and asked in a hushed voice.

"How does it feel to be hoisted up on your own pitard?"

"Very, very painful." said Elrond.

"Painful," she said with mock curiousity. "Painful for who."

"Painful for you just because you said that remark."

With that said he chased his wife out of the room throwing sofa cushions at her.

"You can't hit the broad side of a barn to save your life." she taunted.

"Well, at least I don't run like a waddling duck!"

When Celebrian heard that remark she stopped running and then walked towards her husband saying.

"Do you want to apologize for that remark or would you like to sleep on the sofa tonight?"

"Alright, Alright, Alright I take it back."


When they finished their make-up kiss, they went about their duties to prepare the palace in time for the visiting in-laws.

Next installment: The Royal Visit.

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