The Golden Years Part 15 - Aragorn comes a-courting part 1 Arwen's concern

"Grandmother what is with all the hubbub? Is someone important coming to visit?" asked Arwen closing the door to her grandmother's bedroom

"Whatever do you mean dear?" asked Galadriel in her most innocent voice.

"Don't play innocent with me grandmother, you know that it never works. Your are preparing for Aragorn's arrival aren't you?" said Arwen.

"Yes as a matter of fact I am." said Galadriel.

"I told you that you not to anything to make him welcome because he will not recieve any special treatment from me."

"You do not know him Arwen, so how can you know that he will give nothing but pain and misery based on thought you had fifty years ago." said Galadriel.

"It is reasonable doubt and you know it!" yelled Arwen.

"That is enough young lady! I am sick of your attitude and you will treat Aragorn with respect while he is here. You will act every inch a princess for the duration of his visit because it is your duty!" said Galadriel heatedly

"Oh and I don't suppose that duty includes fulfilling my so called destiny by marrying him and bearing his children for no apparent reason other than that of his needing an heir!" said Arwen tears filling her eyes. "Maybe I should sail to Valinor with father, at least there I wouldn't be forced to marry a man I don't love."

"What? Who said you be forced to marry a man you didn't love. Of course you will love Aragorn once he sweeps you oof your feet and you fall head over heels for him."

"I refuse to have my heart broken again!" said Arwen.

"Oh I see what this is about. You are afraid to open your heart because you already love him but you are uncertain if he feels the same way."

"I don't love him, but I admit that when I first meet him he was incredibly handsome. I thought that maybe with a little time I could come to know him better, and then eventually love him. Then you showed me his future image in the mirror and it scared me. I don't want to love a slob who will never take a bath or shave."

"I know how concerned you are Arwen but let your guard down and let him try to prove that he loves you. See past his apperance and look into his heart."

"All right grandmother I will try, but he better be clean when I meet him. Maybe I can live with his ruggedness later but while he is at court can he at least look the part of prince."

"Okay." said Galadriel hugging her granddaughter.

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