The Fourth Age: Shadows of Morgoth - Chapter 1

Night. The trees of Greenwood. They were everywhere. The smell and sounds of the forest were everywhere. But so was a clinging fear... but that did not disturb the shodless, cloaked figure that moved without a sound through the wood. He was short, about three and a half feet tall. "Lueven Anmentilvo, Perrianath!" A fair voice cried. The figure stopped. An elf leaped from behind a tree. "A star shines on the hour of meeting, son of the Lord Elrond." "Indeed, master Perrianath." "What news, Elrohir?" "Good news and ill, my friend." "Good news would cheer my heart, Elrohir." They began to walk together. "Well, my little friend," Said Elrohir, "The fifth child of King Ellesar and my sister has been born." "Very good news." "But..." Elrohir began, "what I am about to tell you is indeed ill. It may make you forget all good news..." "I will listen, none the less." Elrohir and the hobbit stopped walking. Elrohir hesatated to speak. "I said, I shall listen, Elrohir. As surely as my name is Frodo Gamgee, I shall listen." " Well," said Elrohir, his voice a whisper, "The dwarves released, on accident, a Balrog of Morgoth." Frodo's eyes widened. "A Balrog! Again?" " Yes..." Elrohir sighed. They began to walk once again. "The colony of dwarves that released it were mining in Mount Greymist, near the mountain of Gundabad." "Elrohir, if the Balrog comes to Gundabad... it will aquire servants. It was so with the Balrog of Moria...the orcs worshiped it..." Elrohir simply nodded.
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