The Final War - Part 1: A New Race

Another day in Barad Dur, sighed Mithrandir as he looked about his dank dungeon cell. He had allowed himself to be caught so that he could spy on the growing power of Sauron's army. There was a small window that gave him a clear view of the Mordorian training facilities. He looked lazily about the dust- covered grounds. In one corner, he saw Orcs being spawned. In another the Olog Hai or Dark trolls with chains on their backs. They were turning a great metal wheel, which opened the Black Gate of Mordor.

There was a huge host of Haradrim at the gate. Then the wizard spotted something that really roused his attention. A group of strange looking creatures entered the land of shadow. They had large sinewy bodies as big as a Troll's, on which they wore no armor. They brandished scimitars of a great length and weight. But their most astonishing feature was their heads: They were the heads of a bull!

Gandalf's eyes nearly popped out when he saw this. Now he was fully aware that there was a new race in Sauron's army. the Minotaurs. They would pose a much bigger threat than Orcs or Southrons. The last alliance was in dire straits...

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