The Fight for Gondor Part - Part 2 of 10

Aragorn had been leading his men to the southern boarder of Gondor for the third day stright. His men were tired, hunrgy and very thristy. What should he do? They were less than a day away for the boarder. And his choices may shape the future of Gondor.

"We rest here" yelled Aragorn. His men fanned out. Some sleeping, some eating. It was a well diserved rest.

Aragorn sat on a large stone looking out over the hilly lands of Southern Gondor. Thinking of his future and the future of his beloved land Gondor... Gondor the works hung in his head. he looked out stairing, looking, wondering. But then a vocie...

"Wargs in the company of Orcs prepare to fight!" The words made him jump. So many questions... hoow did they get over the boarder?... how many?... are my men ready? He jumped of the stone and ran down the hill to were his men were camped. He saw the enemy running across the field to his men. Aragorn had been in situatiuons like this before. he jumped right into action. Throwing his dager. Hitting an Orc right between the eyes. The sun had just set and it was had to see.

"Fight hard, show no mercy" Aragorn yelled as he impalled an orc. There had to be atleast two hudred orcs and a hundred wargs. Aragorn looked over the hill top to see his worst fear an oncoming band of trolls and they wern't happy.
Aragorn new this battle wouldn't end any time soon.

Look tomorrow for the next in The Fight for Gondor Part3, The battle on the fields of Gondor Part2

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