The Fellowship With a Twist - Chapter Two. The Death of Bard

Just to share with everyone, I was reading the Silmarillion last night and I found that Celeborn, Celebrian and such are actually pronouced (Kele). Just wanted to tell you all.

Arador woke up very early. He saw little elflings, (possibly half a mellenia old) scurrying around and setting breakfast on the table. The Lady Galadriel gracefully desended the marble stairs leading to her chamber.

"I know you are eager to be on your way, so I will give you some lembas. Gwahir is waiting for you." Galadriel handed him some lembas in leaf wrappings.

Arador grinned at her. "Hate to eat and run my Lady."

She smiled and kissed his forehead. "Be careful on the back of that eagle."

He wved. Gwahir made life much easier. Friendship with the eagles is very valuble if you have it. If you don't, don't pursue it too hard.

He saw Gwahir standing in the courtward, wings folded, nibbling what appeared to be an oversized rabbit.

"Hello Arador," Gwahir said without looking up from his meal.

"Hello Gwahir, could we go now? I want to make a stop at Dale."

Gwahir looked up at the man's face. His emrald-green eyes were shining with love and emotion. He sighed. And that was answer enough.

Gwahir stopped at Dale and Arador hopped off his back towards the castle of Dale. The people of Dale had elected Bard as King after he had killed Smaug the Golden. The old King was too woried about money and not what was best for the city.

Lendia was waiting at the gates. Efficient, he thought. She looked as though she had been crying.

"What's wrong, Lendia?" he asked. Lendia almost never cried and Arador was worried. She, instead of answering, she flung her arms around him. "Oh Arador, it's terrible, terrible, terrible
I can't believe it!" She sobbed continuosly and quite histerically that even Gwahir looked up from th field mouse he was devouring.

Arador felt a sense of foreboding deep in his heart, but ventured to ask, "What is it?" Lendia's sobs subsided and she gathered herself and cried,"My father is dead!"

Aradors knees were shaking, his heart thumped. The King of Dale? Bard? He looked into the face of his beloved. He kissed her and said,"Then this meens that you are now the Queen of Dale. Tell the people what happened and burry him.
I'll be in touch." he tried to keep his anxiety down. If Lendia thought it wasn't a big deal then she would take it lighter. Apparently, Lendia didn't agree. She kicked angrily at his feet. "How can you take this so easily? I know you have the gift of foresight but if you'd seen this coming then your knees wouldn't be all shaky!" Arador had never seen her like this before.He was quite hurt and apparently it showed on his face. "I'm sorry Arador. I know you're right. What did you come for?" Arador turned a facinating shade of crimson and the mustered up the courage to say,"I wanted to tell you that I'm going away and you won't be seeing me for about a year and also," his voice trailed off. "Yes?" Lendia asked. "And that I love, more than anything in this world, including my brother Aragorn, and that when I return from this task, this test, that I wish to marry you." he blushed again. Lendia started crying all over again. "Stop, I should hear your fair voice singing, not crying," and then he kissed her again. She whispered,"I love you too."

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