The Fellowship With a Twist - Chapter Four. The Fall of Gandalf and the Sacrifice of Arador.

To the people who read this and read my prevous stories. Lendia has been changed from Bard's daughter to the eldest daughter of Prince Imrahil.

Lendia continued through the dark passage, led by the dim light of Gandalf's staff. 'Why?' she thought grimly. 'Why? Why did I come here to this dead place? There is an evil here. I should have just stuck to being a Ranger. Oh how I miss the golden sand and white swans. And my dear sister Lothriel., She brushed a tear from her cheek. 'But wait,' said a stronger, firmer voice in her head. It was the Ranger in her. The bow-woman. the warrior princess so to speak. 'I came to protect Arador. To represent women everywhere and the people of Dol Amroth. Even if I could, I woudn't quit!' Gimli the Dwarf was getting excited. "Soon Master Elf, you will taste the feeble hospitality of the Dwarves!!" he rubbed his hands. "Good mead! Fresh meat ripe off the bone!! This, my friend is the home of my cousin Balin. And they call it a mine. A MINE!!!!!" the Dwarf laughed. "This is no mine," said Lendia loking down. "It's a tomb."

Gimli looked down at the skinless dwarf skulls and wept. Then he spotted a real tomb. He ran to it but, Arador and Gandalf were already there. A large vein pulsed in Arador's neck that only his brother had seen. "The tomb of Balin, Lord of Moria," said Gandalf solemnly.

There was a large book on the tomb which Gandalf picked up. (Lost my book so I'm not gonna repeat what he read but something something something) "They are coming," Gandalf muttered.

And suddenly, a wild pounding of drums sprang up. Arador loosened his sword in it's sheath. "Get ready," he said. Lendia
and Legolas took out thier bows and fitted arrows on them. And then, the orcs came.

They crashed in through the door. Two fell dead with arrows in them. Two more. Aragorn plunged the Blade That Was Broken into another one's throat. Gimli hewed three orc necks at once. There was no orc that could stand Giliand, Earendil's blade. Bane of Ancalagon the Black. Arador slashed through the legions of orcs with the sword that was later called the Flame in his hand. "How are you doing Pip?" he asked Pippin who was continously hacking the helm of the same orc. "Not bad," he replied. "Good. I'm off to check on Frodo." Arador lept away. By the time Arador had checked on all the hobbits, the orcs had led a great mace-wielding troll to where the Fellowship was. "Brilliant," Aragorn muttered. Lendia screamed. This was a bit much for her. She was out of arrows, she was bleeding at the shoulder, and the oakwood bow that she had recieved from Dale was broken. "Help me!" she cried. "Don't you have a spear?" Arador yelled over to her
She unslung her spear and hurled it at the troll's face. The troll gave a great cry, and in it's madness, broke it's mace and struck the nearest thing in sight. Frodo fell from the troll's hit and gave a cry of pain. The sons of Arathorn rushed over to him. "That spear could have skewered a wild boar. Aha! If all hobbits had should hides, then all the hunters in the land would be riding to the Shire." Aragorn indicated the mitril coslet that Frodo wore." Gimli looked down at the mithril coat. "All the hunters in the world would not be enough." he said.

After Frodo had stood up, and everyone was back on thier feat, and Gandalf had scolded Pippin for the tenth time for throwing the stone down the well, the Fellowship had continued through the passage way. It was then, the drums got louder. Doom Boom Doom, Dom Boom Doom. Lendia shivered. And then suddenly, orcs just came pouring in. Arador drew his sword. They were surrounded by thousands of orcs. "This is the end!" cried Aragorn. But sudenly, a red shadow appeared. The orcs fled from it. Gandalf first stood in preplextion. Then suddenly realization and understanding came into his face. "A Balrog of Morgoth," he said. "This foe is beyond any of you. Fly!!" And they did. They ran far and very quickly. Even Pippin was running.

They ran all they way to the bridge and lo! to thier dismay stood before them on the bridge, one of the Valuraker. A Balrog. It roared. "
"You cannot pass. I am a servant of the Secret Fire. Wielder of the Flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The Dark Fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadow. You cannot pass." The Balrog for a moment quailed and the flame in it seemed to die, but the shadow grew and it raised it's flaming sword. Glamdring glittered white in answer. The sword broke in fragments as it clashed against Glamdring. The Balrog switched to it's whip and Gandalf again defied it.
The Barog fell in a blinding flash of white light. Gandalf, having finished his work, turned away, but the Barog cracked his whip and a thong flew up and caught Gandalf by the knees. He fell with a cry,"Fly you fools!" he cried. But Arador didn't fly. He stood there gaping at the shape of Gandalf that was disappearing. "Arador. Don't," Aragorn knew his brother very well. "Please." But it was too late. Arador was gone beyond recall. He lept of the broken bridge and down into the darkness.

And Lendia, for the first time since ten, wept.

Boom Doom Boom DoomBoom Doom Boom, Boom Doom Boom, Doom Boom Doom, Doom Boom Doom

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