The Fellowship of Ten - Chapter 8: Lorien

They headed for Lorien as fast as may be with weary and worn hobbits and an injured yet very stubborn female. Frodo heard a trickling of water just before night fall.

"Come, let us bathe our feet, for it is said the water of the Nimrodel is healing to the weary." said Legolas as he went forth and climbed down the bank. "Let us rest once we are on the other side."

And so they did. Once they had all crossed (and after several furious nods from Kara to Aragorn that she could make it all right) they ate. Legolas spoke to them of Lorien and sang to them.

"An Elven-maid there was of old.
a shining star by day,
Her mantle white was hemmed with gold,
her shoes of silver-grey.

A star was bound upon her brows,
a light was in her hair..."

And though she was sleeping, Legolas' gaze rested cheifly on Kara. He continued singing.

"Of old he was an Elven-King,
a lord of tree and glen,
When golden were the boughs in Spring,
In fair Lothlorien...

No tidings Elven-folk have heard,
of Amroth evermore," his voice faltered.

"I cannot sing any more. That is but part, for I have forgetten much."

The next morning they continued on. Aragorn redressed Kara's wound, which was healing nicely considering only a Ranger's skill had been used and the arrow had indeed been poison. She seemed better after her sleep; she was still pale, but no longer stumbled so much when she walked. After a while, they took anther rest.


The elves of Lorien appeared out of nowhere. They were all caught off guard, except for perhaps Kara. She seemed to know they were coming.

"Mae govannen, Haldir," she said as the elves neared.

The male elf grinned and replied to her,"Mae govannen." Then he said in the common tongue,"Word has been sent ahead that you were coming. Follow me."

They slept that night on talans. The hobbits and Kara on one; Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, and Gimli on another.
About halfway through the night, Kara was awoken. An elf had dropped onto the wooden platform and whispered "Yrch" or 'orc' in elvish. The rest of the night went by nicely, though Frodo was a bit unnerved about Gollum.
The Company made it to the Silverlode without a hitch, but one on the east bank, Gimli was to be blindfolded.

"I will not be blindfolded! I am no prisoner, or beggar, or spy!"

"Please, quiet your mouth,"put in Aragorn," We will all be blindfolded. Yes, even you Legolas, and no arguing. We will be in Lothlorien soon, and all will be well."

So it was that they were all blindfolded. The path was straight and smooth, but very long. Before the hobbits tired too much, Haldir said,

"A message has been brought to me from the Lord and Lady. You are to walk freely. Take off your blindfolds now."

And so they did. There was a sharp intake of breath from several of the hobbits, dwarves, and men.
Legolas heard Kara say, almost so inaudibly he could barely hear it,


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