The Fellowship of Ten - Chapter 4: Voices

They were enveloped in darkness. Legolas couldn't even see two feet in front of him. Then there was light. Ganldalf had lit the quartz and put it in the end of his staff. Now they could move.

"Well, we must continue along in Moria. But be careful. You never know what will be around the next bend!" he said.

"Gosh, its so dusty!" coughed Sam.

"Oh, come on then! Hurry, we are going to be left behind!" exclaimed Merry.

So they walked on. Up stairs, under tunnels, down stairs, through small chambers, up stairs again, and finally came to a crossroads.

"I have no memory of this place..." observed Gandalf.

"Oh great, we're lost." mumbled Legolas.

"Don't underestimate Gandalf, Legolas. He's been here before. He'll find a way." Kara shot at him hotly.

Needless to say, Gandalf sat down and began remembering the last time he had been in Moria. After a while, the rest of the Fellowship sat down. Legolas was propped up against a wall, close to one of the four tunnels leading off of the room. Aragorn sat near Boromir, who was jesting with the hobbits. Sam was going through his pack, and Gimli was wandering around having a good look at the place. Kara was the only one that looked even remotely interesting.
She was perched on top of a rock, sitting cross-legged. Her back was straight verticle, her head was bent on her chest, and her eyes were closed. You might have thought she was asleep. Aragorn paided no attention, but Legolas studied her, extremely intrigued.
After about half an hour, Legolas heard a voice. He sat bolt upright. No one else seemed to hear it. He heard it again. It was a woman's voice, and vaguely familiar.

"Why are you staring at me, Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood, when you should be getting ready to move on?" it said.

At that moment, Kara opened one eye, and stared straight at Legolas. His eyes went wide and he gasped. But before he could do anything, Gandalf said "Ah! Its this way!" and got up.

"Look, boys, he's found the way!" exclaimed Merry.

"No, Meriadoc. But this way, the air is less foul. When in doubt, follow your nose." Gandalf replied.

So Kara came down off her perch, Legolas stood up and made sure to stay a safe distance from her, Aragorn and Boromir got up, and they continued their journey in the dark.

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