The Falling Flame - Part Seven

Faramir had thought that the women had just run off together somewhere to do whatever it was royal women did in their spare time together when he began to look for them again. Since there wasn't much time left, he simply left a note with the seemingly anxious Prince Eldarion as he and the other Rangers of Ithilien left out together.

He had thought that untill, of course, he saw the woman that his new "employers" wished to capture and sell. They had been tracking the two women, one mortal, one mostly elven, for a week now. Their tracks had led them North twards Lothlorien, as they'd suspected.

Just the day before, the group was able to catch a glimpse of their quarry... Eowyn and Arwen.


Eldarion wondered how his father managed the city, not to mention the days when he held councils over things dealing with the rest of the kingdom. He and his sisters were about to go crazy in their efforts to hide the whereabouts of their parents from the rest of the people.

To tell the truth, not even they were cirtain that the king and queen of Gondor and Arnor were still alive.

It concerned Eldarion to no end, made him feel like a woman awaiting her beloved at home while he fought wars.


Aragorn felt more sure of himself as they made their way deeper into the woods, noting that the gaurd in the trees did not hender their progress this time.

Orophin was still worried about how the ordeal Lothri had gone through had affected her. She only spoke to him in soft whimpers and would not even look at Aragorn. Had he been forced to hurt her?

No. The thought rushed up at him instantly. This man was loyal to the elven race, was a descendant of elves himself, and would die befor inflicting pain on an undeserving young woman such as Lothri.

Wouldn't he?

He did, after all, help to capture her.

"What troubles your thoughts, my friend?" the Ranger asked him.

"Nothing." Orophin lied. "Just wondering how much longer our people will be here befor these so-called "hunters" force us to leave for Valinor for good.

"Orophin, I know better than that, and you know it." Aragorn pressed.

"It is nothing that will not be disgussed later, Elessar. She will ask of you much, now that you have allied yourself with them, then betraied them." Orophin sighed, but did not ask what his heart did...Will you betray us, Elessar?

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