The Fall of Boromir - Dedicated to Meenakshi

The Fall of Boromir

Boromir wept bitterly, in grief and shame. [l]He had tried to take the Ring from Frodo![/l] He, Boromir, son of Ecthelion, Man of Gondor, had fallen to the lust of the Ring! He had fallen to it's tenptation:was he so weak?
Suddenly, the clash of arms jolted Boromir to his senses. To his horror he discerned the harsh Orc voices, and the high calls of the hobbits. Fearing the worst, Boromir leapt through the trees.
Merry and Pippin prepared for a last desperate pathetic stand against the Uruk-hai. But lo!there came the tall figure of Boromir charging at the Orcs, dark hair streaming, cloak billowing- as an animated figure of the Argonath. In his wrath Boromir's eyes glinted with fire, his sword like molten flames.. In a moment he slew those near him, battering shield, shattering helm.
The Hobbits stood petrified, as the Warrior fought the numerous Uruk-hai, but now the face was taut with fatigue. He lifted his great horn and blew many a blast, but alas, only moreOrcs came. tHE TALL mAN NOW WIELDED HIS SWORD WITH two hands i mighty strokes.
Suddenly, an arrow struck him with a dull [l]thwack[/l], even as he was in mid strike. His head went back with the force, the proud features clouding. Alas, he had left his shield behind!
The world span before him, silent, remorseless. Fighting the pain, he staggered to his feet and struck at the Orcs, no longer caring for his own safety.
Then, yet anather arrow pierced him. He fell to his knees, crippled.[l] I must save the little ones. Oh! Gondor! Farewel, father and Faramir[/l]
With a last effort he launched himsrlf at the Uruk-hai, slaying two with his last strength.
The third arrow pierced him, and cast his stricken body down. The noble face clouded with the paleness of death, as the lord of Gondor fell to his knees.
[l]I have failed. Gandalf, like you, yet with less honor I fall.[/l]

He looked up to the cruel features of the Orc-captain as he drew his crossbow.[l] This is it. Farewell, World![/l]
Suddenly,a flying figure struck the Uruk.[l] Aragorn!Iam dying.....[/l]
Faintly he heard the clash of swords. Aragorn..........
Then, Aragorn was bending over him, sorrowfully beholding the pallor mounting the fair visage. Boromir gasped,"I tried to take the Ring from Frodo. I have failed..."
"No Boromir, you fought bravely." Aragorn treid to draw out the arrows, but Boromir grasped his hand. "It is over. Ihave failed my people."
Aragorn replied, "I will save our people."
Drawing a shuddering breath , Boromir whispered, "Our people!" The strength was failing him"I'd follow you... my Captain!" He convulsively gripped Aragorn"My brother.." As the life and spirit left the body for ever, Boromir, son of Gondor, breathed out, "[l] My King....[/l]"

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