The fading of the Evenstar

From the eyes of this maiden,as she looks up into the sky.

Moon is gone and sun is dead.

Yet she lives on.

Like a shadow on this Earth.

Each day is like a fever that would cling to her

Beneth the trees all grown in old.

Every day seems to come and go.

Living in memories long from this day.

Remebering love,

In its most passionate way

Remebering life,

And all the wisdom it shared.

Rembering hope, wisdom and truth.

Rembering days,

When hope was high and life wurth living.

When noble kings and head strong knights,

Did fight for the freedom of a world in fright.

But now all is over,

And all kings are gone.

For their time had finally come to a drawn.

She wanders the night under the trees of old.

Singing songs of a far off relm.

Which nobody knows.

Now all is gone

And no more is sung.

As a heartbroken maiden lays down to rest.

For her song now has passed into the world of the past.

As Arwen Evenstar sleeps now at last.

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