The Ents come home to Isengard!

Trees shift in revenge, trying to embrace their strength. Moans from distant relatives, a crack to all untrained ears, as they succumb to the destruction. Where was the sun, warm on their branches, nourishing? How shall it come to pass that their remaining carcasses will be used to fight against the goodness that once flourished in this land?<br />They were held on to with soiled and unclean hands.<br />Giant punctures plagued the once green fertile land and, deep within the crevices, an inferno discharged revolting gases. A fitting end to none save the orcs and the white wizard turned gray.<br />High in his mighty stronghold, gazing upon the demolition of the trees, he sat in silent calm. The wind aided his malcontent, allowing the fires to feed from its mouth.<br />Bring me more fire, more wind!<br />But, unbeknownst to him, they were singing.<br />Their songs were heard, greater than the war beneath them, awaking the sleeping giants from their slumber. Too long they held on to their voices, too long. Let us rekindle our brotherhood, stand beside each other to unite what has all but slipped away! Together we can rid the land of wickedness!<br />Drumming, pulsating freedom as they drew near. Rhythmic motions seized the Orcs, leaving them empty to their surroundings, and they became disillusioned to the oncoming, the overwhelming, alliance.<br />The unprotected dam was broken for a purpose and the Orks were taken by astonishment. Before awareness took over, the fires were being extinguished and the trees were gaining strength. Even a wizard would not dare test the strength of the trees once they stood united. Unmatched and defeated, his head held low, the gray wizard stood in suppression. His once great fire would cast shadows upon his stone wall no more. Now steam rose in its place, producing only life nourishing moisture for the trees.<br />Standing erect and connected, proving that hope will endure and construct great things, the Ents had come home to Isengard!<br />
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