The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD - Part Fourteen-Mind Manipulation!

"Come Merry," Pippin said.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Come on. One flower, and we're history."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

Merry and Pippin crawled slowly on the ground in the King's garden. It was still winter, but Sam had been tending the garden non stop and had managed to keep the flowers warm. There were few left, however. Merry stopped behind Pippin.

"There it is," Pippin pointed. "Elanor."

"Where?"Merry turned around expecting his cute sister to appear.

"Not our sister you idiot. The flower," Pippin pointed to a pretty golden flower in the garden. "Go ahead. Pick it."

"Why must I pick it? This was your idea."

"No it wasn't. It was yours. Hey look!"

Merry pointed to one of the rooms in the citadel.

"What?" Pippin asked looking up.

"See that bright blue glow."

"Oh yes. It's coming from a chamber."

"Yes I know. And that is the chamber where the Prince and Elenya are sleeping. Come on. We must warn someone."


Eldarion looked straight through her blue eyes. They were mystifying. She did not know what to say. She couldn't believe he had kissed her. Suddenly, two voices broke through the night.

"Rina, Prince!" Merry called.

Elerrina turned and saw two small figures approaching them. Elerrina rushed quickly to Merry's side.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Elenya's room. Bright blue glow," Merry said out of breath.

"What?" Eldarion looked confused.

"Prince Legolas's room where Elenya is. There is a bright blue glow inside," Pippin said.

Elerrina looked up and saw it herself.

"Come Eldarion," she said instantly grabbing the Prince's sleeve.

Eldarion, Elerrina, and the two hobbits made their way quickly to her room. The door was locked. Eldarion kicked it hard. Instantly he noticed Elenya was not in her bed. Legolas, awakened by the noise, stood up.

"What is it?" he asked unsheathing his elven sword. His eye strayed toward the bed. "NO!"

An eerie voice rang out in the distance.

"Elenya," it called drawing her in a dream.

"It's coming from the tower," Eldarion cried.

They each unsheathed their weapons. Legolas made ready his bow as they climbed up the stairs quickly. Finally they reached the tower. The voice grew louder and louder. Eldarion opened the door swiftly. Elenya stood on the edge of the only opened window. A blue mist enveloped her. A blue glow was in her eyes. A winged beast with red eyes flew in front of her. He flapped his wings quickly. Her arms were outstretched as she made ready to fall.

"NO ELENYA!!!" Legolas screamed.

She hesitated being called from her dream. Suddenly, the black beast knocked her with its tale. The blue glow in her eyes disappeared. Her feet left the window. She screamed and grabbed hold of the window her legs dangling out. She held on for dear life, but slowly noticed her strength running out and her hands slipping. She looked down at what could be her grave unless the winged beast took her or Legolas saved her. She looked down at her the rocks at what could possibly be her death.

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