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Eowyn and Faramir both wished to hear of what had transpired. Eomer also joined in for Emilie's story of Legolas's deed. They all agreed that the world had lost a great man. Emilie also introduced Aryiel to bring new light to the dark event. Eowyn and Faramir instantly fell in love with the little girl who eagerly grew attached to them as well. But she still clung to Emilie. Emilie took the little girl's shoulders and tried to explain.

"Aryiel, I have to leave. I cannot stay. But Eowyn and Faramir are going to be taking care of you. They will love you Aryiel. They will love you more than I could. And I cannot be a mother and a father to you. Will you stay with them?"

"If you tell me to," Aryiel answered.

"Good girl. Remember, you will always be in my heart." Emilie thought to herself *That was lame*. "Goodbye Aryiel."

Aryiel gave Emilie a hug, and Emilie cried for she knew she was losing the little girl she had come to love. She cried and so did Aryiel. But finally, Emilie let her go, and Aryiel walked to Eowyn's side. Emilie placed a hand across her chest and gestured to Faramir, Eowyn, and Eomer. She walked out of the Golden Hall and into the stables where Lossiellen was. It was now dark, and the stars shined overhead. She mounted the horse and started to trot her out when a figure suddenly appeared in front blocking her way.

"You didn't think you were leaving without me did you?" Haldir asked her.

"I guess not. Be quick. I wish to visit Rivendell one last time before leaving."

Haldir obeyed her word though he did not understand what she meant by leaving. They did not say much to each other during the journey to Rivendell. Haldir could tell she was suffering even if she did not show it directly. The only words she spoke were to her horse whom he learned she was very attached to. They finally stopped one night to rest. They had reached the forests of Rivendell, but they still had a good distance to go before reaching the haven of Imladris. It was dark, and the stars shone above them as they made camp, and Haldir lit a fire. They had stopped near a lake so the horses could be refreshed. Emilie led Lossiellen to the bank and let her drink. Emilie stared at the moon's reflection in the water. She slowly knelt and stuck her hand into the water and washed away the soil of the travels. Haldir approached and laid a hand upon her shoulder.

"You have been very silent these days."

"What is there to talk about?" she asked still looking into the water.

Haldir took her hand and made her stand up. He requested that they take a brief walk through the forest. He felt her pain, and it pierced his heart. He couldn't imagine what it must have been like for her to see Legolas die. Inside of her, there was a floodgate of emotions. They would soon need to be released. A tear rolled down her cheek. He stopped and raised a hang to her face brushing the tear away.

"I shall miss him, too."

"Oh Haldir!"

The wall broke. Haldir gathered her in his arms letting his chin rest upon her hair as her tears fell upon his chest. When she finally stopped, he lifted her chin to his face.

"Elenya, Emilie I love you."

"I know," she said.

"I am here. Does it not matter?"

"I'm sorry Haldir. You don't understand how much I loved him. I could never love anyone as much as I loved Legolas."

"Not even me?"

"Haldir, you are a good friend. But what else can I say?"

"There is no possible way you could love me?"

She looked at the stars. "Legolas told me that after his death he knew you would be close by. He knew you loved me. And he made me promise that if I remain here, I would let you take care of me. That I would let you love me. But I don't know."

"Even if I fell to my knees and pleaded saying that I could not live another day without you?"

"You will have to Haldir. I am leaving."

He looked puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"I am leaving Middle Earth."

"For Valinor?"

"No. I am leaving."

He stood in shock. "You are not going to join Legolas in death I hope."

"No, Haldir. This is hard to explain. It will be hard for you to understand, but I cannot keep it from you anymore. You do know what fantasies and myths are right?"


"Well, I come from a fantasy world what you would call a mythical world. It was all like a dream, but Legolas made the mistake of loving me as I did him it if can be called a mistake. Love is a funny thing I guess. You get to attached to a person and then you lose them. It ruined both of our lives. I don't want to go through that again. And I don't want you to either, Haldir. I come from a different world, Haldir. I was brought here by the Valar to undertake a quest. Now it is finished. I have given my hope to Middle Earth. I have left none for myself."

"You have given hope to me, Elenya. And I shall pass it onto you. Don't go. I beg you. Stay with me. Let me make you happy. I have chosen you. Can you not choose me? Even for one night?"

"I shall never love again, Haldir," she said simply. "Even if it be someone as wonderful as you."

"So you will simply leave without thinking of anyone else!" he fired back at her. "You have earned the right to remain here in Middle Earth. You destroyed the Prince and became the savior of Middle Earth!"

"No I didn't! It was Legolas. He sacrificed himself. He's the one who paid the price for my actions. No matter how hard I try, the ones I love are always the ones that pay the price."

"He shall be remembered, Elenya. But you must move on. He would have wanted that."

"You know nothing of what his death has done to me! What it's still doing to me! It's still too soon."

"I know that you are hurting. Let go of your hurt."
She turned refusing to face him. He grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"Elenya, I love you. You can't go!" he said stubbornly.

"Haldir, you can't do this to me. It isn't time."

"If not now, then when since you refuse to stay because you detest me."

"I don't detest you, but I could never hope to love anyone as much as I loved Legolas."

"You are misguided. You may not love me as you loved Legolas. But could you not love me?"

"I am sorry Haldir. But-"

Before she could respond Haldir brought her into his arms and kissed her lips. She pushed him away.

"No Haldir! I cant do this. It would be lying. I want to go home. I want to forget everything I learned here had here. I want to forget everything and Legolas. I dont want this anymore."

He stared at her and then sighed. "You truly loved each other. You must have been truly happy in bliss paradise."

"Before he died," she finished.

"I am sorry, Elenya, Emilie. I was not thinking. I love you but I had hoped that you could love me in the same way. I was wrong."


He pressed his hands against her mouth. Slowly he moved them to her shoulders. In one moment, he pressed his lips against hers and slowly released.

"Namarie my star. My heart shall weep and return to loneliness and despair when you leave. We shall not meet again."

"I am so sorry Haldir. If my head were stronger than my heart, I would choose you. But I gave it to Legolas long ago. And it died with him. And Elenya no longer exists. And Emilie would never remain in Middle Earth with another. She knew to return to her homeland. But Elenya shall remain in Middle Earth bound to Legolas. He shall be remembered, and Elenya shall live on through his remembrance."

"If you return, you shall die, and when you do, I shall weep for you. Do you not wish to remain here and live for eternity immortal?"

"Time, oh if I had that time forever I would not want it." She remembered a saying from a movie. "I do not need to live forever. I just need to live. And I shall. Haldir, you shall find someone so perfect for you in time."

"Perhaps, but now I shall be content to dream you are mine."

They returned to the camp in silence. Emilie remained awake, but Haldir drifted off to sleep. When she looked over his shoulder, she noticed there were tears in his eyes. She felt awful for what she had done to him. Emilie hugged her knees to her chest and looked into the stars.

"Why?" she whispered even if Varda could not hear her. "Why did you bring me back that he could die? Does not matter now. I want to go home."

Emilie stood up and ripped off her clothes but for her long white shirt. She slowly made her way to the lake and glided into the water bathing in the light of the stars and the moon. Then she heard the voice clear and ringing like rain upon the ocean.

"You did what was needed. You fulfilled your quest and proved your love to Legolas."

"But why did he have to die? How could you ruin our lives like this?"

"Emilie," Varda said approaching her and touched the necklace she had given to her. "His soul lives on. Elenya has not died. She still lives within you, but lies behind a wall which you must unlock."

"I do not want to. I want to forget everything. Forget that I was Elenya. Forget my love for Legolas. I want to forget this sorrow."

"He would not want you to forget. Elenya," she said once again and touched her necklace, "Beyond the far reaches of this world, there lives more than a simple memory."

Emilie did not understand what that meant. But she listened.

"I will return you to your home now if you truly wish to. But you must promise not to forget. For I can not do this if you forget. Legolas lives on Emilie and he would not wish you to forget your love for him. If you do, you betray him and he is dead."

"I wont forget. But it will ruin my life."

"It shan't. You shall see soon. Take your necklace in your hand."

Emilie took the chain off and stared at the eigh-pointed star within the two swans. She did as Varda directed her and held it up to the light of the stars. The Elentari took the crystal once again and held it up to Emilie's eyes.

"Tell me what is the last thing you remember from home in America?" Varda asked.

"I remember lying in bed reciting lines of the Fellowship of the Ring."


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