The dream of twilight - more celtic than lotr, but u might like it

The starry hue doth rest atop
The light of summer's day,
The birds do sing and never stop
To flit and fly away,
And through the misty even sheen
I see my heart at its rest,
For in the trees of forest oak
My true love have I seen.

The moors are silent, in their mind,
The liliac heather sleeps,
And night is not come, the days behind,
And my heart at his grave weeps,
And all the joy my heart had lost
As tears do they now fall,
That life hard steel cost.

And eve decends; sweet evensong,
And mourning I weep again,
I see him walk, his heart so strong,
To free me from my pain,
And his feet fall so soft they make no din
Upon the oaken leaf,
And I love him, my twilight dream,
My dreamhath come to me

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