The Diary of Galadrieth - CHAPTER I:The Beginning

Celeborn and Galadriel looked at the twinkling new baby. She did not even closely resemble either of the two parents. She had dark fuzzy hair, and brown gorgous eyes that sparkeled in the evening son. Her face was beautifully shaped. The only part of her that made her look somewhat like the rest of the Lothlorien Elves were her ears and fair skin.

"What shall we name her?", Celeborn asked as he looked thoughtfully at the brand new baby. Galadriel looked up at him. "I thought we decided to name her after-".Her calm voice trailed off. Galadriel's blue eyes turned misty. Celeborn gave his wife a look of sorrow, then a look of comfort. "Yes", he said. "We did decide on naming her after our first born, Galadrieth." Galadriel turned eyes full of sorrow towards Celeborn's. A glistening tear slid down her fair face and dropped onto the naked baby. The two elves had given birth to another child hundreds of years before, whose name was none other than Galadrieth. Not long after Galadrieth was born a rumor had formed that she was the key to defeating the Dark King and save all of Middle Earth. As the Elf-Child grew she became more and more precious to the Lothlorien Elves. She had long golden hair like mainy of her kin did and was the perfect daughter.She did the stuff the women elves did and was always dressed appropriatly.All the men wanted her to wed them. She was ready to wed her fiance, Elendil, when word about her being the key had made it all the way to Mordor. Orcs made a long journey through the plains and forests to get their hands on Galadrieth.

The orcs made it to the Forest of the Lady of Light and set fire to the Elves that were at gaurd. The orcs made their way through the burning of Elves and flames and set to attack the rest.Men rushed out with their bows and arrows while trying to protect their family. Celeborn had already sent out parts of his troop and another part to search for Elendil and Galadrieth. But it was too late. The orcs had already shot down Elendil with their black arrows while trying to protect his beloved. Celeborn looked and found the orcs leaving with Galadrieth who was covered in blood. She did not have the energy to cry for help.

There were no people the King could send out to search for his daughter. All were dead or injured very badly. The Queen seemed to be very pale and did not talk,just stared off into space.

A couple years later an old man strangely atired in grey, came along.

"I am Gandalf Stormcrow, and have news of your daughter," he said adressing the King.

"What may that be Wizard?" Celeborn questioned.
"I am sure that by now you have heard the rumor, that your child, Galadrieth, was the Key. She was not. The Dark Lord sent his orcs out to capture her, and bring her back to him for dealing with. He tortured her until her death 7 months ago." Said Gandalf the Grey

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