The Diary of Elanor - March 30, 31, and April 1 1432 S.R.

March 30 1432 S.R.
Mama and me have decided on what to make Uncle Merry! It isn't really a thing- it's a play. A small skit, portraying the scene when Merry and Eowyn destroyed the Nazgul and saved King Theoden.
Frodo and I shall act, of course, but the others shan't. They don't have the patience, AND they are annoying. So Frodo and I need to find some more people. I think I shall ask Elesmera to play the Nazgul. She imitates voices well, AND she has a black pony, named Snowball. Frodo wants to play Merry, though I think he ought to be Theoden; he dies very dramaticly. It always gives me a thrill to watch Frodo act. He is so good at it. But he wants a part in the killing. It must be a boy-thing. But, I, of course, am going to play Eowyn, as I am the only one with golden hair, and I am the oldest.

March 31 1432 S.R.
I can't beleive it! The brats have to be in the play! Mama ordered it! Apparently then came crying in, a weepin' and a sorrowin' saying that I was cruel and wouldn't let them play. Oh, I wish I had a real sword, not just the wooden one for the skit, because if I did, heh, those brats would bother me no longer! But what part to put them in?
Rose, confound her, wants to be Eowyn, but when I told her no, she began to cry, and Mama heard from the back-garden, and came out and scolded me. Me! What did I do? I hate being the eldest.
There is one good thing, though: Fastred is going to play Merry! We (Fastred and I) convinced Frodo to play Theoden, and he is actually happy with it, for he gets to ride about on old Bill the pony like he was a war horse, and shout "To me, Rohan! To me!"
The first practice is to-morrow. Papa helped me write the script. I hope that all goes well.

April 1 1432 S.R.
Confound my sister and Merry and Pippin! I should like to strangle them! They completely ruined the play! We were practiceing by Elesmera's house, and I had made them the rohirrim riders who fled instead of helping their king. Guess what they did?! They rode their ponies right up onto the roof of Elesmera's house, and fell through the roof! They KNOW that you can't ride a pony on the roof! I must talk to Papa. Maybe he will convince Mama to ban them from the play. Elesmera's mum is quite mad, and Elesmera may not be able to be in the play! Oooh, and I found out that Rose LED the boys onto the roof. Stupid girl!

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