The Diary of Elanor - March 25 1432 S.R.

March 25 1432 S.R.

Hello. My name is Elanor Gamgee. Today is my 11th birthday, and you, dear diary, are my gift.Papa insited that he and Mama should give me a gift this year. It is very odd, but Papa can be particular about such things.
I am going to have a tea-party today, with my dearest friends, and NO little brothers or sisters. Rose, Merry, Frodo, Pippin and Goldilocks are nice enough, but they are not quite old enough to play very good games. No, they are far too young, and, (especially in Merry and Rose's case) a bit stupid.
Me and Frodo are the only ones who can read and write out of the whole lot, even though Rose and Merry have been schooled by Papa for ages. Hmph, I don't think that they shall ever learn! They just scratch their heads and plead with Papa to let them go outside and play. They spend a lot of time with Uncle Merry and Uncle Pippin, our Pippin and Merry's namesakes. Why, Mama even found Uncle Pippin climbing a tree! At his age! Some times I think they are mad, but if they are mad, Papa is insane.
He is never really at peace, unless he is holding Mama, then he gets all dreamy and happy, but there is a part of him that always gazes longingly at the sea.
Mama once confided in me that she was frightened to death that He should leave, and Join Frodo Baggins in Valinor. My father loves Frodo very deeply, though why, I know not. Papa promised that he would tell us the story to-night, in honor of my birthday. I can hardly wait.
Ah! I can see Elesmera walking up the lane to my house! She probably wants to play before the party. I will write more tomorrow. I don't intend to waste Papa's money!
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