The Day - The day I leave with the Fellowship

Today is the day! We are in the meeting of what and where and who. What we are to do on this journey. Where we are to go and who are the young, the brave, the old, and the wise, that will be coming on this long and dangerous journey we are about to take.
I'ts decided that I will go. Along with two men, an elf, a dwarf, a wizard, and three of my kin. There names, I cannot mention, but they are the worthiest and bravest of them all. All have equal qualities. Except one. He is strange in ways that I could never have guessed.
He says he is a ranger. Who helped me and my kin get here in the first place. But he has some other king like qualities, should you say, to him though. He is tall and a smart thinker. He knows his way around and , like a king, knows how the one ring works and how its able to work, only on the master of this power.He is to save me in battle.
The wizard, an old friend of the family, is wise and smart. He speaks in riddles, which you only understand after the fact. He is to halp me in direction, and wits. Only the wizard can stop the white wizard from killing us on our way. He seems afraid, but yet he is strong. For all of us, I guess. For me.
The elf. One of the most greatest I've ever seen. Actually the only one. He is strong and is as light as a feather. He can walk on snow and since things that have not yet come. He is quick with his bow and arrow. A great warrior. He is to be believed as a great prince of the woodland realm.
The dwarf. He can relate to me because he's small and hairy. He is too, believed as a great prince of the dwarfs. He is not fast but he is too, a great warrior. He carries a strange weapon. An ax, I think? He is quick with it anyway. He is full of wits and humour. Always makes everyone laugh.
The other man. A great steward of Gondor. A great warrior. But yet, he stalkes me like a hawk. Always watches my every move. He is not like the others. He seems to dislike the king- like man. He is great with his shield and sword. He bears a great horn. The elf calls it the Horn of Gondor.
My kin. They are the three best friends you will ever meet. One my cousin, twice removed on my mother's side, is the stupidest, but always makes a smile. The second, he is the smartest of the land and waters. He knows his way around the lands we live in. The third, my gardener, is my best friend. He stays by my side through thick and thin and will help me on this journey.
The journey will be to the mountain of Mordor. Where the one ring can only be destroyed. That is were Sauron made it, that is were its evilness will end. But no one will bring it there. The other man says '" You just can't walk in there and expect all the guards to let you!"' I said that I would do it but no one heard me. Except the wizard. He knew what I was going to say and heard it as I said it.
We will be faced with tough challenges to test our gust feelings, our hearts, our courage, and the will to resist the ring's power over all men, elves, dwarfs, hobbits, and even wizards. But there will be others how want the ring. They are nine ring rathes. Together they are Black Riders. They can ride on horse or fly on Nazgul.
They will be searching for us. Every night they will hunt for us and thats why we have to keep moving. We leave at night fall and reach our first stop by mid- afternoon. Thats when we eat our breakfast. Or as one of my kin says, our elevnty breakfasts.
The night is still and cold. like the battle of the Ring Rathes. Now since I have ring, everything that wants the ring will be after me. I am the one that everyone wants dead and killed to get the ring.
We are arriving at the rocks where the wizard says we will rest before we start up again. My two kin are with the two men, the other eating. The wizard is checking the route we must take, and the dwarf is criticizing him. The elf, on the other hand, is looking at something in the sky and watching it very carefully.
The dwarf says it is just a whiff of clouds that is moving awfully fast. The elf figures out what it is and we all hide. Crebain from Dunland. Spies of the White Wizard. The route we were going to take has been watched. We have to take another route. We chose to go through the mountains of Teritous.
The elf hears a low voice on the air. The wizard nows that its the white wizard and that he is trying to bring down the mountain. He leaves the decision up to me. Wheither we should go through the Mines of Moria or stay on the mountain. My decision was to go through the mines. My decision affected us all.
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