The Chosen one - Ch.1

Hey all you! I have tried to write many stories before but could never get one going. I'm asking that after every chapter I write to please give me ideas, advice, support and constructive criticism. Thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy.

My story is not for the faint of heart. `For my tale is of sorrow, unhappiness, triumph, despair and most of all, Love.

Love, Oh love! That bittersweet word that I favor yet brings heartache! That was my life before I met him. I remember it as a sweet summer day.... Then I was a young rebellious teen and now I'm older than I wish to say. But I would have it no other way.

My tale begins long ago in a land called Middle-earth fifty years after the war of the ring. Now with this in mind let me tell you of my life.....

"Mom! I refuse to marry that rich jerk off! I can't stand him and he's rude! I don't LOVE him, I can't marry him!" I said. "But honey he's rich and could provide for you. Money is better than love you know." My insensitive mother said. "Well I don't care! I refuse to marry him because I don't love him!" I yelled at her. Then she got angry and screamed back at me," you will marry him! You will not mess up my plans! Whether you like it or not your going to be his wife! I want you to go get ready to go shopping for your wedding. And I don't want you to still be crying when you come down!"

I ran upstairs to my room and flung myself on my bed. How could she do this to me??? Make me marry the man I don't love? I was trying to figure out which one was better, killing myself, or running away, when my room got really bright. I looked and saw A woman so buatiful that the stars must have envied her.

"Who are you?" I said through my tears.

"my name is Varda, Goddess of Middle-earth and I have come to take you back." She said in a voice than sounded like a soothing water fountain.

"What? Why?" I asked. I had no idea what she was talking about.

" You are my daughter. You are unfit to live here any longer. I am taking you to a place where you can live the life you were born to live. Now, come," She commanded gently extending her hand.

I was so happy! My real mother loved me! And she was taking me back to my home land! So taking her hand she smiled. She gently said," I love you." And I said it to and with that I found myself standing in the most beautiful land next to my mother, Varda.

I hope you all liked it! Please leave me some comments!

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