The Book of the Jewels and the Rings - Chapter 1 (section 2)

So Legolas turned the ship in the direction of the elf who was now running quickly for whatever dock he spoke of. "Where are we going, Legolas? The docks are further North." Legolas answered "We're going where the elf-lord, Lomelire, leads us." and as they sailed hither and thither Gimli asked "Why trust an elf you do not know?" Legolas stared at him in wonder "He is one of the Eldalie, you can see it in the burning of his eyes. He is trustworthy, I know." and so they followed unil Lomelire stopped at the edge of a dock with two more ships, one white, and one looked to be wrought of gold. "Come hither, child of the East, come to the docks of Lomelire." and so they did. They docked the ship and removed their goods carefully but quickly. "Ah! Welcome to the Lands of Bliss! And what may be thy name that I may call thee?" Lomelire looked at both Legolas and Gimli and they stood in wonder of the light of his body and they saw that he was fairest of any elf-lord they had seen before. His hair was of silver and upon his head was a circlet of glass and silver arranged in a knotwork of beatiful origins, for it was designed after the curving branches of the Two Trees of Valinor. And his raiment was white, as the elves normally dressed, but it was more beatiful than any of the clothings of the elves. His feet were bare, as the shores were not rocky and not a pebble lie on the ground to trample. "My name is Legolas and this is Gimli, as I told you before." and so Lomelire bowed to them and bid them follow him to his home.
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